göt2b Oil-licious Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Hi everyone!

When I had long hair I was very hesitant to try different products when it came to shampoo and conditioner. I knew what made my hair look and feel great and I wanted to keep it that way. Now that my hair is really short (2-3 inches at its longest) I don’t really care anymore. I mean, I still care about keeping my hair healthy, but I don’t care about holding curls or lots of moisture or a shiny sleek finish. Know what I mean? And I have to say that getting to try different brands every time I need new products is quite fun! When I needed more shampoo and conditioner this fall I decided to give göt2b a try. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that all of my styling products are from göt2b, so I figured why not try their shampoo and conditioner? And that’s how their Oil-licious products came to be in my shower.

got2b oil licious shampoo conditioner

göt2b oil-licious opulent smooth Shampoo

Fantasizing about a vacation from your frizzy, dull locks? Embark on a luxurious trip to calm relax’d hair with göt2b® oil-licious® opulent smooth Shampoo. Thanks to Triple Oils of argan, white grape seed and marula, you’ll feel 100% transformed when your hair is left with glossy shine. Micro-emulsion technology leaves hair with incredibly touchable smoothness with no over-burdening even finer hair types.

This shampoo lathers really well and a little goes a long way. It doesn’t leave my hair as squeaky clean as the shampoo I was using before though; it’s like it leaves a little something behind. Don’t get me wrong; my hair feels clean when I’m done, but you can tell that the oil softens your hair and it’s like a little gets left behind. It gives me the feeling that if I still had long hair that it could possibly weigh it down a bit, but that’s just a total guess since my hair is so short now. I can definitely see this helping smooth out your hair if it’s dry or damaged.

This shampoo smells a bit nutty in an exotic way, and very perfumy – it’s a bit too strong for my liking.

göt2b oil-licious opulent smooth Shampoo

göt2b oil-licious golden shimmer Conditioner

Craving a get-away from your stressed-out tresses? Jump aboard to calm relax’d hair with göt2b® oil-licious® golden shimmer. Triple Oils of argan, marula, and white grape seed condition and detangle unruly locks while absorbing easily, leaving hair with a non-greasy texture. Shine is improved by 100%, and hair is strengthened, nourished and repaired. It’s a gold rush for hair of any colour!

This conditioner definitely has shimmer in it, but I can’t say if it adds any shine to my hair cause it’s too short for that. It rinses out well and does not feel to leave any residue behind, but I can’t stand the smell. I find it smells exotically nutty and perfumy too, but also a bit like suntan lotion. And although I love the smell of suntan lotion, there’s something about this scent that just doesn’t work for me.

göt2b oil-licious golden shimmer Conditioner

Final Thoughts

While these products worked well for me, I just could not get past their smell. My husband took the shampoo since he likes the scent and I’ll be giving away the conditioner.

I usually smell products at the store before I buy them, especially shampoo and conditioner. I really don’t know why I didn’t smell these, but oh well, lesson learned.

Has this ever happened to you?

– Chantal 🙂

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