CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings from

I love wearing earrings, especially now that I have short hair cause you always see them. I rarely leave the house without earrings, even if I’m just going to the corner store, cause I find it just adds a little something to my look. I wear various styles from simple studs to long dangly pieces depending on what I’m wearing and where I’m going. I was excited to have the opportunity to review a pair from and chose these CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings ($5.90 USD).

CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings is based in the UK and carries pieces for any type of body piercing you may have at very affordable prices, and the free shipping minimum is $15 – that’s quite low IMO. I used to have my navel pierced, but I removed my bananabell when we started trying to get pregnant. Had I known about BioFlex Bananabells back then I would have bought one, but I didn’t know and my hole closed up. It’s definitely something I want to do again… maybe this summer… we’ll see! 😉

When it comes to selecting metal that will be touching my skin I always go for stainless steel first. I’m allergic to nickel and SS is a guarantee that I’ll be ok with it. I know there are lots of nickel-free pieces out there, but stainless steel is just my main go-to.

I really like the look of these earrings cause they can go with anything.

CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

CZ Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

I wore these earrings for an entire week at 12 hours per day and my ears felt fine, no reaction whatsoever. I do have to say that the first time I wore them, my earring holes turned black. The second day there was less black and by the 4th day, there was no blackness at all (and none since).

I’m really happy with my new earrings from They have some wood eardrops that I really want to try!

Do you have ear piercings or other body piercings?

– Chantal 🙂

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