Weleda Jardin de Vie Agrume Natural Perfume Review

Even though it feels like we just reverted back to the beginning of winter with the snow that got dumped on us last week, today is the first day of spring! 😀 And with spring comes changes – changes in the clothes we wear, in the makeup we wear, and in the scents we wear. I tend to go for lighter, more floral and/or fruity scents in the spring and summer, and Weleda‘s Jardin de Vie Agrume perfume ($31.99 CAD) fits right in!

Weleda Jardin De Vie Agrume Perfume

Reminiscent of the refreshing scents of summer, this bright and airy fragrance is inspired by the citrusy notes of the sea buckthorn berry with a fresh and lively composition.

Made with pure essential oils this scent has been handcrafted by Weleda’s in-house perfumery using only high-quality essential oils sourced directly from Weleda’s fair trade partnerships. This captivating fragrance is free from phthalates or any synthetic chemicals.

On Weleda‘s site, you will find all the ingredients they use and where they come from. If you’re curious about the ingredients in this perfume, I’ve listed them below so you don’t have to go search for them.

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Fragrance (Parfum)*
Limonene* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Rosemary Oil, Lemon Oil, Orange Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Fennel Oil and Lavender Oil.
Linalool* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Lavender Oil, Bergamot Oil, Geranium Oil and Ylang-Ylang Oil. Its scent is floral, with a touch of spiciness.
Citronellol* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Geranium Oil, Muscatel Sage, Sandalwood and Citronella Oil.
Benzyl Alcohol* – Produced naturally by many plants and is commonly found in fruits and teas, it has a mild pleasant aromatic odour.
Benzyl Benzoate* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Jasmine Oil and Ylang-Ylang Oil.
(Benzyl Salicylate)* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Ylang-Ylang Oil.
Geraniol* – The primary part of rose oil, palmarosa oil, and citronella oil. It also occurs in small quantities in geranium, lemon, and many other essential oils.
Citral* – A naturally occurring scent ingredient with a strong lemon odour, that occurs in the essential oils of plants.
Eugenol* – A powerful essential oil found in cloves.
Farnesol* – A naturally occurring component of essential oils, such as Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang Oil, Rose Oil and Neroli.
* from natural essential oils

Isn’t this bottle pretty with its gradient from clear to dark orange?

Weleda Jardin De Vie Agrume Perfume

When I first spray this perfume on me I smell a mix of floral and citrusy notes, but within a few minutes, all I can smell is the floral side. The floral scent is very light and fresh, though, and not granny-ish.

However, the scent really doesn’t last long on me; it barely lasts a couple of hours. After about three hours I can’t detect a hint of this perfume, not even on my clothes. It’s completely gone like if I didn’t put any. I usually apply my perfume by spraying towards me, but from a distance, then walking into it. But with this one I’ve sprayed it directly on me (from maybe 5-6 inches away), and it still doesn’t last.

I really enjoy the scent, and it sure makes me long for the summer right now. But I wish it lasted longer on me.

Have you tried any of Weleda‘s perfumes or products?

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– Chantal 🙂

Weleda Jardin De Vie Agrume all natural perfume

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