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Shopping online is fun, I love it and do it ALL the time! But when it comes to clothes it can be tricky because not all sizes are created equal. There are also so many sites out there, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are good/legit and which ones are bad. I was offered the opportunity to shop on and here is my experience. offers MANY items in MANY categories, clothing being one of them. And browsing the site now they seem to have more options than when I selected my items back in the spring.

I tried to select two pieces that could possibly create a fun weekend outfit, so I went with the Women’s Ladies Summer Gradient Casual Short Sleeve T-shirt Boat Neck Tops Blouse ($5.68 CAD) and the Fashion Womens Casual Skinny Stretch Slim Fit Pencil Pants Trousers Leggings New ($9.01 CAD). Aren’t those mouthfuls?!? 😉 Here’s what they look like on the site. clothing

I ordered the pants in black in a Medium, but I’m usually a US Medium which means I should have gotten a Large in these instead. It took me about 15 minutes to get into them and I’m not joking. They’re tight, and I mean TIGHT, but a bit stretchy so I can squeeze into them, inching them up slowly. However, I can’t pull them all the way up so they’re a few inches below my crotch and they’re kind of cutting the circulation to my feet. This one is my fault though cause I mixed up the sizes when I requested this item. Woops! It’s really too bad though because I would have really loved these if they were bigger. pants

The shirt I got in Purple and in a Small, but I should have gone for a Large because it definitely does not fit on me like it does on the model. It also has a shiny finish which I was not expecting and not a fan of at all. The pictures on the site definitely don’t show that it has this kind of finish; that is definitely a cotton shirt (online). It would be nice to know when models wear a few sizes bigger too cause I want the shirt to fit like it does on her, and this one clearly does not. shirt

Overall I did not have the best experience with, but part of it is my own fault. The pants I would definitely wear if they were bigger. But the shirt is not my style (the shiny finish) and is clearly not the same shirt they advertise on their site. The online picture/description is also misleading for the size.

What are your thoughts on this?

– Chantal 🙂

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