Nicole by OPI “Alex By The Books” – Swatches and Review

Hi readers!

Today I’m showing you this beautiful colour called Alex By The Books by Nicole by OPI. This is from their Modern Family collection.

Before going a week with nude nails I wore a lot of glitter polishes so I needed to get back to a simple cream colour, and I hadn’t done anything in this shade in a while so it was time for this colour to shine. I love mint green/pastel turquoise shades, they’re one of my favourite colours.

Every time I would see this colour online it always called my name, but since it’s a limited edition it’s hard to come by. Everywhere I went it was always sold out. When I saw it at Rexall a few weeks ago I could not resist buying it even though it was full price and it’s higher than what I like to pay for polishes.

Alex by the Books is a beautiful pastel mint creme.

I love the brush, it’s thin and wide so less strokes are required.

I found the formula really streaky and patchy though, and it pulls too. I had to do 3 coats for full opacity. I then topped it all off with Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat.

The formula was sucky, but I love this colour! However, I have some very similar colours with better formulas so I don’t feel this was worth the $11 (CAD) that I paid for it.

Do you have this colour? What do you think of it?

– Chantal 🙂

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