Busy Girl’s Summer Nail Art Challenge

Hi readers!

I’ve decided to take part in Busy Girl’s Summer Nail Art Challenge hosted by @BeautyByAreille, @BeautyByKrystal, @Drinkcitra and @MirandasMakeup.

I’ve always wanted to take part in nail challenges, but daily challenges are too much for me because I don’t have the time to do my nails every day, and a 30 day challenge can have some complex themes as well.

This challenge is a weekly challenge so you have 7 days to do and post your nail art, and the themes are easy enough to do.  This is perfect for me!

This is mostly an Instagram challenge, but I’ll be posting my nail art on my blog as well.

This challenge begins tomorrow, June 24th.  Will you be joining in as well?

Week 1 – Stripes
Week 2 – Glitter
Week 3 – Polka Dot
Week 4 – Gradient
Week 5 – Mix Match
Week 6 – Beach
Week 7 – Hearts (didn’t get to do)
Week 8 – Watercolor (didn’t get to do)

– Chantal 🙂

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