Glitter Topper Fail (Revlon ”Celestial FX”) and Success (China Glaze ”Fairy Dust”) – Swatches and Review

Hi readers!

When I did my nails with Joe Fresh “Lavender” it was to go to a friend’s bachelorette party. I had to jazz them up a bit so I decided to add a glitter top coat.

I bought Revlon “Celestial FX” a few months ago and I had not tried it out yet. It has 4 different types of glitters: micro glitters, and bigger shapes in moon, star and diamond (all holographic). I figured it would go well with my outfit.

Well, let me tell you that I was extremely disappointed with this one. Although it seems that there are lots of big glitters, I had to do some fishing to get them out, and the micro glitters aren’t that full either. In these pictures I have 2 coats, plus a bit of dabs here and there to add some moons and stars. I also have 1 coat of Gelous on top because at first I was going to keep them.

I just hated it so much that I could not stand it and it just HAD to come off! I don’t know what it was, but I really hated it.

Sooo I took out the acetone and cotton balls and started over.

This time I went with China Glaze “Fairy Dust” and let me tell you that I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVE how they turned out!

I put on 2 coats of Fairy Dust and voilà, instant holographic glitter magic! I then finished it off with 1 coat of Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat. (every time I write this top coat I copy it from a past post because I can never remember the full name, lol!) 🙂

Ohhh… Ahhh… *dreamy eyes*

This was 1000 times better and I could not stop looking at my nails, I loved it so much! I need to use Fairy Dust more often, it’s just so pretty!

And here is what I wore for the night out. The nail polish went very well with it all.

The club had a photographer that was taking pictures during the night and you can see one of me on their Facebook page (I’m in the middle). 🙂

I will keep Celestial FX in case I ever need moons or stars for a nail design, but I highly doubt that I will use it as a glitter top coat again. What do you think about it?

– Chantal 🙂

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