Tea Empties: Vol I

Hi readers!

Today I bring you my first edition of my tea empties. (Check out My Tea Collection if you have not already.)

I had a lot of individual sachets and I decided to work primarily on those first, so in this post I have a lot to go through. Let’s get started!

I find a lot of bagged teas have this flavour that I call “teabag flavour”. Some have it strong while others not at all. I don’t know how to describe it though, it’s just a peculiar taste.

Apple (ceylon) – This tea smelled like apples, but the taste wasn’t really there. I did not notice a teabag flavour either.

Blueberry (ceylon) – This tea smelled delicious! It also tasted good, but the blueberry taste was more of an after taste as opposed to while you’re drinking it. It had a very mild teabag flavour.

Caramel (ceylon) – This tea had a very pleasing taste, a very mild sweet flavour. I got a wee bit of a caramel aftertaste, but it’s very very mild. I really enjoyed this one. And I did not notice a teabag flavour.

Cinnamon (ceylon) – This tea was okay. It had a mild cinnamon aftertaste and a mild teabag flavour.

Coconut Mango Oolong (oolong) – This tea smelled heavenly! It tasted good, but the coconut and mango flavours were more of an after taste. I found this tea to have a strong teabag flavour though, unfortunately.

Darjeeling, Premium (darjeeling) – This tea was okay. No teabag flavour.

Ginger (ceylon) – This tea was meh and had no teabag flavour.

Honey (ceylon) – This tea smelled good, but the taste was meh. No teabag flavour.

Lemon, A Touch Of (black) – This tea was meh and had a mild teabag flavour.

Mango (ceylon) – This tea smelled really good, but like most of the other teas from this brand the taste was more of an aftertaste than anything else. I forgot to write it down when I drank it and I can’t remember if there was a teabag flavour or not.

Monks Blend (ceylon) – This tea was ok, nothing special. No teabag flavour.

Strawberry (ceylon)
– Another one with a great smell and more of an aftertaste of the flavour. I can’t remember if there was a teabag flavour or not. I need to take better notes, hee-hee! 🙂

Chocolate Mint (rooibos) – This tea was DELICIOUS, I’m bummed that I’m out.

Classic India Spice (herbal) – This tea smelled really good, but the taste was spicy. I don’t know how else to describe it, it just tasted spicy. No teabag flavour.

Green Tea with Brown Rice (green) – I love this tea! The brown rice gives it a roasted flavour (since it’s roasted brown rice).

Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine (green) – Jasmin tea is my favourite tea and this one is yummy!

Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut (herbal) – This tea smelled really good. The first few sips were really spicy, but after about 5-6 sips I got used to the spice and I started tasting the vanilla hazelnut part of it and it was really good. This one had no teabag flavour.

Will I buy any of these again?

  • I want to rebuy the Chocolate Mint if they still have it. Teaopia was purchased by Teavana and they don’t seem to have it on their Web site, but sometimes the stores have a different inventory.
  • I will look for a new Green Tea with Brown Rice, either from DAVIDsTEA or Teavana (whichever one I go to first).
  • I already bought the Organic Silk Dragon Jasmine in a big container from DAVIDsTEA.

Have you tried any of these teas?

And have any of you noticed this “teabag flavour” that I’m talking about, or is it all in my head? :p

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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