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Hi readers!

Today I’m sharing another source for my Korean beauty products (mostly for nail polish). It’s an online store called RoseRoseShop.

$ Note: All prices are in US dollars. $

They don’t have free shipping and they don’t offer any free samples (that I know of), but sometimes low prices are simply good enough. And other times it’s just because it’s the only place to find something.

Order #1

I first discovered this shop when I was looking for the Peripera cat bottle nail polish, which is what my first order was about (back in May). If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw this picture already.

The cat bottles were $6 each and the rose bottles were $3 each. Shipping for this order came to $5.97, which is roughly $1.50 per item. This is the only place I was able to find the cat bottles, which I really wanted, and I figured $7.50 was a reasonable price (if you factor in the shipping).


Order #2

Then in July I took another look and there were lots of polishes that grabbed my attention so I decided to put another order. I actually wanted more polishes than that, but I controlled myself! 🙂

Everything I bought this time was 20% off! All the individual polishes were between $1.20 and $2.40 a pop, the chocolate trio was $4.80, the nail stickers were $1.20, the face masks were $2.40 for 3, and the Wonder Pore was $7.20. The shipping came up to $12.28, which makes it roughly $1.23 per item.


I mean, seriously, between $1.20 and $2.40 per bottle of nail polish, how awesome is that?!?

Oh, and I have to say (cause this makes me laugh), one of those polishes I bought was totally because of its name: Happy Virus! HAHAHA!!!

You can find all of these and so much more at RoseRoseShop!

– Chantal 🙂

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