The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector – Review

Hi readers!

Today I’ll be sharing my experience with The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector. This is the mini package and I bought this during a 50% off sale so it cost me $5 (CAD).

This is said to soften and protect hands, even after washing.


Hmm, how to describe it… it smells “herbal”, if you catch my drift. Sheesh, could I have more puns in that description?!?

I was planning on bringing this to work, but I won’t because of the smell (ahem).


This product is made for very dry skin so it is on the thicker side. And it has a light mint green colour.


This product leaves my hands greasy, and for this reason I only use it before bedtime. It works well though, in the morning my hands are nice and smooth. I don’t have dry skin, so if you do it might not feel as greasy for you since this is intended for very dry skin.

About the part that it softens and protects hands even after washing, I tried it out and for me my hands did not feel as dry as they usually do after I wash them, but I still had to use lotion. This is also the type of cream that makes your hands feel slippery when you wash them because it kind of sits on top of your skin. The smell lingered as well.

Bottom Line

It really hydrates your hands and if you have very dry skin it will surely help you. The scent might not be for everyone though.

Will I buy this product again? No. It’s a good hand cream, but it’s too rich for me.

This mini package retails for $10 and the full size is $20.

Have you tried this one? What is your favourite hand cream or lotion?

– Chantal 🙂

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