Skinfood ”Black Cherry” (RE106) – Swatches and Review

Hello readers!

Did you have a good weekend? I did! It started with dinner with friends on Friday and then nothing but relaxing (and whatever I wanted to do) yesterday and today, aaahhh!

Today I’m showing you a nail polish from a Korean brand: this is Skinfood in “Black Cherry” (RE106) from their Nail Vita line.

This bottle has the typical round brush and it works well.

The front of this bottle reads: This nail contains vitamin & keratin. Advanced formula colours and covers in one quick, mistake-proof stroke.

Well, the formula was a bit thick, kind of like syrup. I found going thin with my coats made for a patchy application and required 3 coats. On the nails where I went thicker I only needed 2 coats though. This polish was self-leveling so that was nice, especially with the thicker coats.

If you go really thick with your coats then yes you’d only need one. 🙂

This colour is a very very dark red. You see the colour better in the brush shot above because it does get really dark on the nails, which I have to admit I absolutely love!

Under certain lighting though the polish appears to be a brownish red, as you can see below. But on the nails it’s so dark that I never see that brownish nuance.

Pictures are with 3 coats on the thumb and 2 coats on all other fingers, plus top coat.

I found this one smelled strong. I have another polish from this line so I’ll see if that one smells strong as well (to see if it’s this polish or the line).

I love this colour! I don’t mind going thicker with my coats and this polish still dried relatively fast considering the thicker coats. If I can put 2 coats and get a result like this then I’m a happy camper! 🙂

What do you look for in terms of formula? Do you mind doing thicker coats?

I bought this polish on sale for $1.20 + sh. (USD) on RoseRoseShop.

– Chantal 🙂

Base Coat: OPI “Nail Envy”
Top Coat: Butter London “Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat”

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