Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge Week 5 – Dark Brown ft. Skinfood Choco Smoky Nail Kit

Good evening all,

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. We had our first snowfall of the season today, it was so pretty outside. I love snow! 🙂

This week is week 5 of the Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge and this week’s theme is dark brown.

I bought this dark brown gradient kit a few months ago and figured it was the perfect time to give it a try! The Chocolate Makes You more Sweet & Deep… alright!

This kit is made especially to create gradient nails and this one is about chocolate, mmm!

It comes with a light, a medium, and a dark brown polish. The colours are called Pale Gray, Light Gray and Dark Chocolate. Why gray and not brown? That is a good question and I don’t have an answer. The bottles are quite small and I believe they are 4mL each.

The brushes on these bottles are wide and thin, like I love them.

Since these bottles are quite small I did not want to do full swatches with them, so I did a 3 finger swatch, lol! Each finger has 3 coats of polish and no top coat. Look at how shiny and smooth they are on their own!

The concept of these kits is to apply the light colour all over the nail, then do shorter and shorter layers with the 2 darker colours. It works well, but unfortunately with this kit you see lines (unlike the first one I tried).

I applied 2 layers of Pale Gray as the base colour, then 2 shorter layers with Light Gray (the second layer shorter than the first), and I repeated the same process with Dark Chocolate with even shorter layers.

I then finished it off with a layer of top coat because it helps smooth out the layers.

I am bummed that you see the lines so much, but the colours are beautiful on their own (as seen earlier) so I’ll most likely be using them solo next time.

These polishes have a nice shimmer in them so I think a macro shot is in order! I find the shimmer do help the colours blend in better.

This was the last week of the Busy Girl Nails Fall Nail Art Challenge and I had a great time participating! I have so many polishes that I have not tried yet so I don’t do nail art as often as I would like to, so these challenges “force” me to do nail art. Granted this fall challenge was all about colours so I could’ve kept on doing swatches, but I like doing nail art so I made a point of doing some for this.

Have you tried a gradient nail kit like this before?

I bought this kit on RoseRoseShop for $4.80 (USD) + sh.

– Chantal 🙂

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