Etude House ”I Can Fly” Kakapo Hand Cream – Review

Hi everyone!

Back in May I reviewed the Etude House I Can Fly Eagle Own Hand Cream and that little guy was just too cute that I had to get all the other hand creams from that collection.

Today I’m finally showing you another endangered bird from the collection and this one is the Kakapo. Have you ever seen hand cream containers cuter than this?!? I have not! 🙂

The Etude House I Can Fly collection helps save endangered bird species. I wasn’t able to find exactly how it works since most articles are written in Korean and I can’t read it, but I’m guessing part of the proceeds are given to organizations that take care of these birds. That’s just my guess though, don’t take my word for it.

Story of the Kakapo:
Hi! I’m Kakapo, the longest living bird on earth! Although I can’t fly, I am a great night parrot endemic to New Zealand. People love me and my Kakapo friends so much that they hunt and take us as their pets. As a result, we are now in danger of extinction, with only 121 of us now. Please help us to be friends with you for a long time!

That is a sad story. These birds are just too cute, check them out on Google Images. We can’t lose them to extinction. 🙁

The box is made with 100% recycled paper and it’s printed with soy ink.

These birdies are small. Here’s a comparison with a nail polish bottle to give you an idea.

Remove the head and you have your hand cream!

This hand cream has a very pale mint green colour.

The scent is described as Sunny Sunny Apple. It’s very very faint, but still quite pleasant. Out of the 4 hand creams in this collection, this is the one with the faintest scent. Once I have it on my hands I don’t notice it at all.

This hand cream, like the Eagle Owl, works great. You don’t need a lot and it leaves your hands feeling great without feeling greasy. It also lasts too. I find with some hand creams my hands feel dry within an hour of applying, but not with this one, they stay feeling great.

The I Can Fly hand creams are formulated without parabens, sulfate, ethanol and mineral oil.

I have nothing bad to say about this hand cream, other than it’s quite small. But even then, since a little goes a long way it still lasts quite a while. Plus, you’re helping save endangered birds buy buying these, so how could that be anything but a good thing?

I bought this one for $3.75 (USD) + sh. on Amazon.

– Chantal 🙂

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