Pregnancy Diaries: Second Ultrasound

Hey everyone!

We had our second ultrasound last Tuesday and as you’ve probably seen we found out the sex of our baby, yay! 😀

I got all teary eyed when she told us we were having a girl. I would’ve done the same if it was a boy though. It was just finding out, finally knowing – it’s emotional. 🙂

Here’s our peanut at 20W2D!

During the ultrasound we found out that I currently have placenta previa. In short, the placenta is supposed to be positioned in the upper part of the uterus and mine is positioned down near the cervix. The reason why I say that I “currently” have it is because in half of cases the placenta eventually moves up and out of the way. Baby Centre has a better explanation if you’re interested in reading more. 🙂

Not to worry though, I am not stressing over this one bit. It’s a well known issue and today’s doctors know what to do should anything happen.

All these things that you learn about when you’re going through your first pregnancy!

– Chantal 🙂

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