Royal Gold ”Radiant Serum” – Review

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I was contacted by RoseRoseShop to see if I’d be interested in trying some new products that they carry and obviously I jumped at the opportunity! I first checked with them that these products were pregnancy safe, and gladly accepted when I found out that they were.

One of the products I received is this Radiant Serum by Royal Gold. I think this is the product that interested me the most because I’ve been wanting to add a serum to my face care routine. With my dryer skin, thanks to my pregnancy, I figured adding a serum would be a good way to add extra moisture without having to change all the products I use.

So, what do I think of this one…

All Royal Gold products actually contain real gold! Doesn’t this just sound luxurious?!?

Anti-wrinkle / Elastic Skin Care
Contains Pure Gold: gold 50ppm

All products have a security seal on them.

This product is a tall and slim gold container with a pump.


The formula on this serum is clear with gold flecks in it.

A little goes a long way with this serum. A full pump is way too much product for my entire face; I only need about 1/3 of a pump.

It absorbs quickly too, but you have enough time to massage it all over your face before it fully sinks in. It glides on your face pretty well too. I do my face in 3 steps and I pump a wee bit for each step. I do my forehead first, then my cheeks, nose and chin, and then my neck.


This product has a powdery perfumy smell that I usually refer to as “granny smell”. It’s something I feel like I would find in my grandma’s care routine. It’s not unpleasant; it’s just the type of smell that I associate with older people. It’s not too strong though so it’s not overwhelming, and I got used to it.  The scent doesn’t linger either.


I’ve been using this serum for over 4 weeks now, but after only about 3 days of using it I found that my face felt so soft!

I also find that my face is less dry now. Sometimes I just use my press powder to get rid of the shine (instead of doing the full BB Cream routine), and before using this serum you could see some little dry skin flakes, but now they are no longer there.

I can’t talk about the Anti-wrinkle / Elastic Skin Care aspect though because I don’t really have wrinkles and my skin has not lost its elasticity yet. And that would probably take a few months of use to see results anyway – if I did have those problems.

Bottom Line

I’m really impressed by this product, it works great for me. However, I think the target audience for this might be a bit older than me. I could be wrong, but that’s just how I feel (because of the scent and “anti-wrinkle/elastic skin” aspect).

You can purchase this product on RoseRoseShop for $60 (USD), but they usually have sales going on so you’d never pay full price for it.  It’s currently at 15% off for $51. It is expensive, but this is the kind of product I consider a luxury product – especially since you’re putting real gold on your face!

Is this something you would use? Do you use serums?

– Chantal 🙂

Computer geek by day and super mom by night, Chantal loves to try products of any kind and share her thoughts with the world.

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