Guest Post: Sarah from Workaday Ramblings

Hey everyone!

It’s time for another guest post from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers! This month’s theme is tools and today I have the lovely Sarah from Workaday Ramblings talking about her favourite nail art tools.

I was following Sarah before the CBB came together and I’m really happy that I got to know her more through this group because she’s a wonderful person!

And now onto her post…

Hello, I’m Sarah from Workaday Ramblings. Since Chantal and I share a love for nail polish, I thought I’d guest post today sharing two of the most common nail art tools that I use.

The tool I use every time I do my nails is a simple orange stick. I use it to help clean off any polish that gets on my skin while painting. I do this after I paint each nail, and find that it really helps keep my fingers clean.

I hate cleaning up after my look is done as I almost always make a mistake, so cleaning up while painting is the best, and easiest, thing I do to get a clean look.

Once I have my base done, it’s time to think about nail art.

My favourite nail art tool is a dotting tool. I love using dotting tools to create nail art because they’re easy to use, and almost fool proof. You can create a lot of different looks using just one dotting tool.

Today I’m making flowers on my nails. The end result is something similar to Chantal’s Easter flowers, only a little less even.

I make the dots by laying down a plastic sandwich bag, then smearing some polish from the brush onto the bag. I now have a little polish puddle than I can dip my dotting tool into.

Be sure to wipe off your dotting tool occasionally. This helps to remove any buildup, which allows for better control of your dots.

After you have as many dots or flowers as you want, wait a minute or two for it to dry and then add a top coat. Adding a top coat helps make your dots look flat. You do need to be careful not to drag your brush too many times, otherwise you might smear your dots.

And there you have it. My favourite two nail art tools, one of which is an invisible helper behind the scenes. Thank you Chantal, for letting me share them today!

Thank you Sarah, I love your flowers!

If you don’t follow Sarah yet go check her out at Workaday Ramblings. She does a lot more nail art than I do and they’re always super fun and cute designs!

What do you like to use to do nail art?

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– Chantal 🙂

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