In My Tea Mug: DAVIDsTEA ”Green & Fruity”

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I decided to start a new post series called In My Tea Mug where I’ll be reviewing some of the teas I have, and eventually new ones that I buy. This was inspired in part by Zoë from Writing Whimsy and Sarah from Workaday Ramblings because they’re both fellow tea lovers who review teas (on top of beauty items).

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I LOVE tea! And if not, check out my huge tea stash that I’ve been trying to get through! However, my tea drinking has significantly dropped since I got pregnant – from 2-3 per day to 2-3 per month! I don’t drink caffeinated teas anymore, and lots of ingredients in herbal teas are not safe for pregnant women (find out more about herbal teas and pregnancy).

But I do have a few teas that are pregnancy safe and for my first tea review I decided to go with DAVIDsTEA “Green & Fruity” since I made some last week.

Revel in the tropical flavours of papaya, apple, mango and peach blended with smooth-drinking green rooibos. Caffeine free.


South African green and red rooibos, papaya, apple, mango, flavouring.

Did you expect this to be a green tea given the name? 🙂

I really like how DAVIDsTEA use stickers to identify the type of tea it is, I find it makes it easy to find them – especially now since all I go for are rooibos teas.

How to Prepare

Quantity: 1.25 tsp/cup
Water temp: 98°C (205°F)
Steeping time: 4-7 min


This definitely smells fruity, and the fruit that comes through the most for me is peach, which I find a bit odd because it’s not listed in the ingredients. But it is in the description so I’m guessing it’s part of the flavouring that they add in… maybe?


This tea tastes fruity, but it’s not an overwhelming fruity taste. I find it’s more of an after-taste once you swallow. It’s mild and pleasant.

Even though the smell of peach seems stronger to me, I can’t detect a specific fruit when drinking it – it’s a nice fruity blend.

Rooibos has a strong taste and often takes over other flavours in teas, but I don’t find that it overpowers this tea at all. Red rooibos is known to have a strong sweet taste, but I think green rooibos is lighter and that’s the main ingredient in this tea – don’t quote me on that though.

I have not tried this as an iced tea but I think it would taste good given the fruity flavour. If I try that this summer I’ll give you a quick update on it.

Available on DAVIDsTEA website and in their stores.

What kind of fruity teas do you like?

– Chantal 🙂

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