KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Freshen Up – Review

Hello everyone!

* Product provided for review. *

Do you wear press-on nails? I have a few times for Halloween, but they would always come off too easily and I’d never be able to wear them for the entire night. Enter the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails. I was skeptical to try these at first because of my past experiences, but I still gave them a try.

I got the set in Freshen Up and here’s how they worked out for me…

The set comes with 24 nails of various sizes, 24 stickers (in sizes that correspond to the nails), glue, a mini file and a mini orange stick.

The instructions are quite simple and printed on the back of the box. They are also included on paper in the box.

The nails all have a number on the back that correspond to the size of the adhesive you need to use.


I applied the nails on my right hand with the glue and on my left hand with the stickers. That way I could see how long each method would last.

I did my nails on a Sunday.

Left hand (with adhesives):
– On Monday I lost my thumb’s nail, so I put some glue and put it back on.
– On Tuesday I lost another nail, so I put it back with glue.
– On Wednesday I lost another nail, so I put it back with glue.
– The other 2 nails stayed on for a full 7 days.

Right hand (with glue):
– All nails stayed put for 7 days, but I did lose one on the 7th day. I kept playing with that nail though so I loosened it up throughout the week.

The glue is definitely the winner in terms of longevity.


Removal was easy. I followed the instructions on the box and they all came off easily.

However, DO NOT do what I did… when the nails with the adhesive came off I did not remove the adhesive before putting on the glue, I just added it on top. When I removed my nails I had this gunky sticky adhesive stuck to my nails. The acetone just turned it into some kind of goo and it took FOREVER to remove. There was lots of scraping going on and I was kind of digging into my nails to try to get under it to remove it. I almost wanted to cry.

Since there is glitter, here’s a macro shot! 🙂

Apart from the adhesive + glue issue that I learned the hard way, I was quite impressed with these nails. I found that they actually looked natural from a normal distance and after 7 days they looked as good as when I first put them on – there was zero chips or tip wear.

I’m glad I got to try the medium length as well because I never let my nails grow this long so it was fun to have it for a bit. I kept doing typos when typing though cause I kept hitting all the wrong keys, lol!

These ready-to-wear KISS Gel Fantasy Nails are a new product this year and retail for $10.99 CAD at Walmart, London Drugs, Jean Coutu, and Target.

Is this something you would try?

– Chantal 🙂

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