esssence cookies & cream blush, eyeshadows and jumbo eye pencil – review + FOTD

Hello everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you the rest of the make-up items I bought last week from essence‘s trend edition cookies & cream (which you can see in my Shoppers Drug Mart Haul video).

The make-up items we got in Canada are the baked blush in “01 cakepop, that’s top!”, 2 baked eyeshadows in “02 macaron, c’est bon!” and “03 last night a cookie saved my life”, and a jumbo eye pencil in “01 last night a cookie saved my life”.

Let’s check them out…

baked blush – 01 cakepop, that’s top!

This blush is a nice peachy coral shade that claims to be ultra silky and smooth texture for an irresistible effect.

I’m new to blushes so I don’t know how this compares with others, but I can tell you that this one actually felt smooth and silky to the touch. When I put my brush in it I just touched it lightly and got a decent amount on the bristles. I wouldn’t touch the blush too hard with the brush because it will break off and crumble; it has a really soft texture.

jumbo eye pencil – 01 last night a cookie saved my life

This is one of the 2 eye pencils from this collection, but it’s the only one we got in Canada.

The pencil feels really creamy and applied really well on my hand – it just glided on. But as you can see from the hand swatch it’s a bit light – kind of like a milk chocolate as opposed to a dark chocolate.

baked eyeshadows

There are 3 eyeshadows in this collection, but we only got 2 in Canada. Both have the same texture as the blush; they’re silky, smooth and soft. If you hit them too hard with the brush you’ll break them up. I find it’s better to touch them sideways with the brush. If you touch them with the brush head-on that’s when they flake and crumble.

02 maracon, c’est bon!

This is the light shade and it’s kind of a light pinky pearly shade. It also has a very nice shimmer to it – if you like shimmery eyeshadows (which I do!).

03 – last night a cookie saved my life

This is the chocolate shade and I believe is the darkest of the 3 eyeshadows (I think the one we didn’t get in Canada is a lighter brown shade).

It has a beautiful colour in the pan and when I swatch it on my finger, but once on the eye it doesn’t keep it’s darkness unfortunately.

Face Of The Day

Here is a look I created with these 4 items plus a lipgloss from this collection, the shade 01 be my cookie monster.

For the eyes I put the light eyeshadow shade all over my lids and the chocolate shade on my outer lids kind of like a semi-full sideways V along the lash line and into the crease. Then I used the pencil to line my upper and lower lids. As you can see both chocolate coloured products really aren’t that dark. I used primer on my eyes as well. The jumbo eye pencil I liked on my lower lids, but I prefer something darker to line my upper lids.

I really didn’t use a lot of blush to get this amount of colour. I had the make-up on for 5-6 hours and the blush didn’t fade either. I really like the colour and find it perfect for the summer.

Wearing blush is new to me, but after trying this one and loving it I’m converted! 🙂

I shot my Ipsy Unboxing Video with this make-up, in case you want to see it from a different perspective.

Final Thoughts

Out of these 4 items, I love the blush and the light eyeshadow shade (02 macaron, c’est bon!). I find both chocolate coloured products came out too light for my personal preference.

In Canada, essence products are exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart. The blush is $3.99, the eyeshadows are $2.49 each and the jumbo eye pencil is $2.99 (all CAD).

Have you bought any items from this trend edition? Do you prefer make-up that’s highly pigmented or just a hint of colour (like these)?

– Chantal 🙂

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