Deborah Lippmann ”Strange Love” Nail Polish – Swatches and Review

Hello hello!

Welcome to the last day of my True Blood weekend! I’m ending my mini series with my favourite polish from Deborah Lippmann‘s Forsaken collection: Strange Love from the Bad Things trio (see the packaging in the New Flesh post). Actually I should say my favourite polish of the ones that I have because I’m missing one polish from the Forsaken collection. There’s a nail polish & lipstick duo (called Forsaken) that I don’t have – but I wish I did.

SPOILER ALERT – skip this paragraph if you’re not caught up with the show.
Any guesses as to how the show will end? I started reading the books like 10 years ago, but I never finished the series (read 4-5 of them). Although I know the show kind of deviated from the books’ story, I have no clue as to what could happen tonight. All I can say is that I’m sad that Alcide is dead. I did not see that one coming and I found it too quick and over with. Was it really that easy to kill him??? And it’s weird to see Merlotte’s called Bellefleur’s now. Did you know that Bellefleur (belle fleur) is French for “pretty flower”? 🙂

Anywho, back to the polish…!

Nothing new to say about these brushes… short bottle = short wand, and a small-ish brush that still works well.

This colour is described as a vampy magenta. For me the term “vampy” means a darker shade, I would call this more a hot magenta. But whatever the colour description is, I love it!

This polish is also the more opaque of the bunch, I only used two coats in these pictures and no top coat.

A hot pink that goes well with my skin tone – what’s not to love?!?

What goes well with hot pink nails? A hot pink shirt! Ok so my nails are not done in this picture, but it’s all about the shirt anyway. 🙂

What do you think of this colour? Any favourite from the ones I’ve showed you?

– Chantal 🙂

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