Monthly Empties: June & July 2014 – with video!

Hey everyone!

July is done so it’s time for another Monthly Empties post! Since I wasn’t around at the end of June for my June Empties I’ll be sharing them in this post as well. And I have a video too! 🙂

So, let’s get started…!

My video review:

Green light - loved it = Loved it!
Orange light - it's okay = It’s okay.
Red light - dislike = Dislike!
No rating = No rating.
(Links are to my past reviews.)

June Empties

Dove – Go Fresh Cool Essentials Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Anti-Perspirant Green light - loved it
REPEAT ITEM! This is the only deodorant that I buy, I love it!

Marcelle – Cleansing Cloths Orange light - it's okay
These worked well. I always need 2-3 wipes to fully remove my makeup so I don’t use them for a full face cleansing, but they were good as a first step makeup removal before using my cleanser – especially oil cleansers. I will not repurchase them though because I like to try new products, so I’ll be trying wipes from other brands.

yaby – Liquid Foundation in Buff Orange light - it's okay
This foundation worked well and matched my skin tone. It’s a light coverage and less than what I usually go for, but during my pregnancy my complexion completely cleared up so it worked well at that time. I will not purchase it though because I prefer medium coverage from my foundations.

July Empties

Etude House – I Can Fly Kakapo Hand Cream Green light - loved it
Isn’t this the cutest hand cream?!? I can’t resist cute packaging so I bought the entire I Can Fly collection (4 birds in total). This one smelled like apples (yum!). A little goes a long way with this hand cream so even though it’s small it still lasted a good while. I’m saving this container for my baby girl, it’ll be a cute toy for her.

Etude House – Mini JamJam Hand Lotion Green light - loved it
This is another cute hand cream from Etude House and I bought this one on RoseRoseShop. This one smelled like strawberries, and it’s another one where a little goes a long way. I won’t repurchase though cause I like to try new products and there are so many hand creams out there, but I’ll definitely try more from Etude House.

Mascaras – these are not empty, but they have expired so I’m throwing them out.

Clinique – High Impact Mascara Red light - dislike
This one gave me raccoon eyes so it’s no good for me.

em michelle phan – lash gallery lengthening mascara Orange light - it's okay
This one did not give me raccoon eyes, but it flaked.

Essence – Stays No Matter What 24h Volume Mascara Orange light - it's okay
This one gave me raccoon eyes, but it was very minimal. Overall a good mascara.

These are it! Have you tried any of these products? What did you finish these past months? Share you link below if you blog about it, or upload a picture with your comment.

– Chantal 🙂

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