Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2014 ”Ghouls Rush In” Nail Polish – Swatches and Review

Hello everyone!

Halloween is coming up which means the Fantasy Makers collection (by Wet n Wild) is out in stores. I usually grab all their polishes because I find they have great formulas, and at $2 a pop that’s just awesome! But this year only the pink called to me. They also had orange, 2 greens, and a glow in the dark (see my pic on Instagram). I already have an orange from last year (which looked very similar) and their glow in the dark from a few years ago, and green is just not my colour. So pink it is!

I noticed that they recycle the names every year. This one is called Ghouls Rush In, and that name was used last year and the previous year as well, but they were different colours.

Anywho, let’s look at this year’s Ghouls Rush In

I like the skulls on their caps this year. As for the brush, it’s the typical round brush and it works well.

This polish has a nice formula and is self-levelling. It is semi-sheer though. I don’t think it’s sheer enough to do a jelly sandwich, but you can still see my lunulae (white half-moons at the base of the nails). It also has a waxy finish.

This is 2 coats and no topcoat.

I did not expect this polish to be semi-sheer so I was a bit disappointed by that. I just thought it would be a more vibrant pink. I did try it over white and it was very streaky and the white didn’t really add that much to it. I didn’t like all the streaks and I was very tired when I tried it so I didn’t bother taking pictures. My nail station is in the basement and my light box is on the 2nd floor – I was lazy (bad blogger Chantal!).

Before I used this polish I actually considered buying the greens because they were nice greens and would be great to have for nail art, but after seeing the semi-sheerness of this one I changed my mind. I did look at the greens when I was at Shoppers again and they seemed to have the semi-sheerness too so I left them there.

Did you get any colours from this year’s collection?

– Chantal 🙂

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