The Mommy Files: Hair and Skin – with video!

Hey everyone!

Now that I have given birth (back in June – which I’ll post about soon), I switching my Pregnancy Diaries to The Mommy Files. I already shared how my hair and skin were when I was pregnant, and today I’ll share with you how they’ve changed since I gave birth.


Postpartum hair loss… UGH! All those wonderful hairs that I stopped losing when I was pregnant all decided to leave my head at the same time. I seriously felt like I was going bald. I even made a video about it, check it out:

I filmed that video on November 3rd and I can happily say that my hair loss has dropped significantly… by more than half! I no longer feel like I am going bald, PHEW! The major hair loss period lasted for about 2 months.

As for my leg hairs, the growth still seems to be slow so I ain’t complaining about that! 🙂


At the end of my pregnancy my skin had gone all the way to being dry. It was nice to get to experience the other end of the spectrum since I previously had combo/oily skin. Unfortunately, my skin has reverted back to its combination state, although it does not seem to get as oily as before. Maybe it’s still changing and it will get to that eventually, but I wouldn’t mind if it stayed the way it is now.

I went through the worse breakout I’ve had in years around the time I got my first period, which was at the beginning of October. It still wasn’t that bad, but for someone who never really gets any breakouts (the occasional pimple here and there), having like 10 pimples at one time was a bit overwhelming. Plus my upper neck (under my chin to under my ears) was all clogged up and just felt eeww.

But now my skin has relaxed and cleared up and feels much better.


I decided to throw nails into this post because after giving birth, and pretty much during the same time I was having major hair loss, I kept getting ingrown toenails. I’d sometimes have 2-3 toes on the same foot with an ingrown, and my big toes would get ingrowns on the outside AND the inside. Sometimes my toes were so sore that I was walking all funny cause I didn’t want to put pressure on my toes. It hurt like a MOFO!

Before this I think I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had an ingrown toenail (in my 37 years of existence).

But I can happily say that those have gone away too, PHEW! I still get the occasional ingrown, but nowhere near what I went through during those 2-ish months. And they don’t hurt as much either.

Anyone else go through these stages after giving birth?

– Chantal 🙂

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