Pregnancy Diaries: Hair and Skin

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted a Pregnancy Diaries! I have a bunch of little things to share so I’m going to try to group similar ones together. This one is about Hair & Skin; or more specifically how it’s affected my hair and skin so far.


This point is common for most women (I think): during pregnancy you kind of stop losing your hair. The reason why I say “kind of” is because it doesn’t stop 100%, but for me it’s reduced by at least 80% – if not more. No joke! I lose WAY less hair when I wash it, and also when I brush it after my shower. In the shower I used to see at least 10-15 hairs every day, but now it’s 1, sometimes 2. And on my comb it’s maybe 5-10 total as opposed to, oh, maybe 20-30-ish.

I sure am enjoying my thicker hair for now and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be at 9 months!

However, after giving birth apparently you lose so much hair that you think you’re going bald. 🙁 I’ll update you on that once I get there.

The hairs on my legs have kind of stopped growing too. I get waxed every 4 weeks and I have way less hairs than I did before. I actually skipped waxing my upper leg last time because it just wasn’t worth it. I’m actually looking at my legs as I’m writing this, lol! My next appointment is in a week and I’m not sure it’s even worth going this time. Can’t really complain about that. Too bad it’s the winter and my legs are hidden behind pants all the time! 🙂


Since getting pregnant I have noticed that my skin has gotten less and less oily. I used to blot my face every 3 hours or so, but now it’s sometimes once a day and sometimes not at all! Another point I really can’t complain about! 🙂

I have not been breaking out during my pregnancy either. I didn’t really use to before anyway so that has remained the same.

As for my face products I haven’t changed any products – yet, but I did introduce a serum into my routine to give my face a little extra hydration. Especially for these dry winter months, it’s helpful. I might change my cleanser though because now that my face is dryer I find that it feels a bit tight after I wash it.

I know some women get bacne during pregnancy (back acne). That I’ve always had, unfortunately, so no real change there. I do seem to have less breakouts than before though so that is really nice, but it did not completely go away.

To the mamas reading this, did you have similar experiences?

To the non-mamas reading this, had you heard about these types of body changes before?

– Chantal 🙂

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