In My Tea Mug: Teavana ”Choco Banana Foster”

Hey everyone!

Time to share another tea of mine! This one is Choco Banana Foster from Teavana.

I’ve been drinking this one a lot lately because I’m having a hard time describing the scent and taste. I smell and taste different things when I take a sip. So here it goes with the best I can come up with…! 🙂

The flavor of rich chocolate, creamy caramel and ripe banana blend smoothy with soft notes of apple, pinapple and rose hips for a treat you so richly deserve.

Apple pieces, candied pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), cocoa kernels, banana chips (banana, coconut oil, sugar), carob pieces, rose hip peels, natural and artificial flavouring

How to Prepare
Quantity: 1.5-2 tsp / 8oz of water
Water temp: 98°C (205°F)
Steeping time: 5-6 min

This is a scent hard for me to describe. It smells kind of like spiced chocolate, but very very very mildly spiced. And at the same time there’s a fruity scent to it too, kind of like sugared pineapple… ugh it’s so hard to describe!

I find that it tastes like chocolate caramel with a fruity side, sometimes it’s a hint of candied bananas and other times it’s more pineapple. Once again hard to describe because it has a few different flavours floating around.

The taste is also light, it’s not a strong-tasting tea. But it has a very pleasant taste.

Bottom line is this tea smells and tastes delicious!

I really enjoy this tea and it’s great to drink in the evening since there is no caffeine in it. I also find it great when I feel like I want an evening snack because I’m usually not hungry, I just want to eat, you know? It satisfies my taste buds and I don’t need to eat anything. Win-win! 🙂

Have you tried this tea from Teavana?

– Chantal 🙂

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