How I Wax My Legs At Home

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How do you take care of your leg hairs? I’ve been getting my legs waxed for 20 years now (sheesh that makes me feel old, lol!). I usually go to the spa every 4 weeks to get them waxed, and in the summer I’ll do it myself in between visits (since my legs are more exposed in the summer). However, being on maternity leave means that I have not had the chance to go to the spa all that often so I’ve been doing it myself a bit more often.

When I wax my legs I only do from the knee down because the hairs on my thighs are lighter, and it’s just harder to get the back done.

Here are the products I use.

The Wax

I always use the kind of wax that you heat up in your microwave. I also buy the kind that is water soluble because I have reusable strips. During a session I’ll usually heat my wax 3 times.

Going forward I’ll post reviews of the waxes that I try.

waxing my legs at home - the wax
parissa 2 in 1 roll-on body sugar, The Body Shop Sugaring Hair Removal, Nair Roll-On Wax

I don’t know how long I’ve had that Body Shop wax for because it’s no longer available. I think it’s been forgotten at the bottom of a drawer for quite a few years!

I don’t use wax strips because they haven’t worked all that well for me, and I find them a bit painful.

The Strips

As mentioned above I use reusable strips, and the ones I have are from The Body Shop. I’ve had them for ages though and TBS doesn’t have wax products anymore. Well, you can get the strips at TBS in the USA, but not in Canada.

I’ll usually have a bucket of warm water next to me and as the strips get full of wax I’ll put them in the water right away. That way they’re easier to rinse off once I’m done because the wax is usually mostly all gone.

The Applicators

I have accumulated a few wooden applicators throughout the years, but the one I usually use is a plastic one (and I don’t remember where I got it from).

The After Treatments

Here’s another accumulation of products! I’ve used the Parissa Warm Wax a lot in the past and it always comes with wooden applicators (seen above) and a small vial of azulene oil. I like using this oil because it does not irritate the skin after waxing and it helps remove the little bits of wax that were left (trust me, there is always wax left somewhere).

A new favourite product that I like to use the day after a wax is the skin envy smoothing spray lotion. It makes my legs feel smooth and does not irritate them.

My Setup

When I wax my legs I just sit on a towel in the kitchen next to the microwave. I don’t even bother removing my pants, I just lift it on the leg I’m waxing and that’s it. If I get any on my clothes it’ll just wash away since the waxes are water soluble.

And that’s it!

Do I find it painful? After 20 years of having those hairs yanked off I barely feel it anymore. When I go to the spa I could fall asleep on the table – seriously. To me it feels like you’re scratching an itch with long nails and you’re applying a bit of pressure when you scratch… you know the feeling? Feels good, right? That’s how waxing feels to me. I’m weird, I know. 🙂 Even when I first started it was never really painful for me, but I know it can be for some people. If it’s close to, or during my periods, my legs can get a bit sensitive, and they were more sensitive when I was pregnant. But that’s about it.

The more you wax, the thinner your hairs and roots get so the less you’ll feel it. However, if I shave my legs and then go back to waxing then it’s definitely a bit more sensitive because shaving your legs makes your hairs and roots thicker.

Do you wax your legs at home? What are your favourite products?

– Chantal 🙂

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