I’m a guest on The Makeup Monologues: Orange May Flowers

Hi readers!

Well, my maternity leave is officially over; I returned to work on Tuesday. And both my daughter and I are sick. Boo to that. Thankfully my husband is off this week so he’s been taking care of her overnight. She’s usually a good sleeper, but this cold has both of us really congested so we’re both sleeping horribly.

Anywho, now that I’m back to work I don’t know how it will affect my posting schedule, but I’m hoping to keep posting somewhat regularly. There will definitely be an adjustment period, but I’ll do my best not to leave you hanging for too long. 🙂

And now to the subject of this post! This month I was a guest for Megan over at The Makeup Monologues (she was my guest in March!) and did some orange May flowers for her. Go read my post to see what products I used, and to see more pictures. 🙂

Chantal 🙂

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