Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Sunday Apple – Review

Hey everyone!

The Canadian Beauty Bloggers‘ theme this month is orange so I figured it was about time I reviewed the Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss that I bought from Born Pretty Store back in July 2013! Yup, sometimes I forget what I have in my makeup collection.

Isn’t this the cutest lip gloss?!?

Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Sunday Apple
You can’t choose which flavour you want when you buy; they send you one at random. I was sent the Sunday Apple flavour.

Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Sunday Apple
This has a doe foot applicator that works great. Sunday Apple has an orange tint to it, oddly enough.
Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Sunday Apple

This smells like a fresh apple. It’s very subtle though, but it’s there.


This feels very smooth on the lips, like lipbalm, but you can tell it has a bit more staying power. It is not sticky at all and feels very nice.

Lasting Power

This lasts for about an hour on me if I don’t drink or eat anything.


Here’s a half and half comparison to show you how much colour it gives off. It’s not in-your-face orange, but the tint is there.

Kiss Beauty Fruit Lipgloss in Sunday Apple

Bottom Line

I really like this lipgloss because I find it feels like a lipbalm, but lasts a bit longer than lipbalms do on me. However, orange is the last colour I would’ve chosen for myself so I’m a bit disappointed that this is the colour I was sent. It’s just too bad you can’t choose a colour when you buy it.

I can’t get over the cuteness of the container! I’m a sucker for cute packaging. 🙂

These sell for $1.99 USD on Born Pretty Store. Plus, use my coupon code AOBQ10 and save 10%!

bornprettystore coupon AOBQ10

Would you go for orange lip products?

– Chantal 🙂

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