Guest Post: Amy from Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict

Hey everyone!

My Canadian Beauty Bloggers guest post this month is the beautiful Amy from Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict. Our theme this month is neon so let’s see what she prepared for us…

How to Wear Neon When You’re Afraid of Neon

amy vancouver eyeshadow addict
Illamasqua Lipstick in Atomic is my neon shade of choice.

Hey, lovelies! I’m visiting Chantal’s blog today for a Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ Network guest post. I don’t know about you, but when I saw the theme for this month, I got a little nervous. Neon? ME? Queen of the million-and-one brown eyeshadows? Never!

Then I realized neon didn’t have to mean the colour of highlighters. It didn’t mean I needed to buy a florescent yellow eyeshadow. It DID mean giving some consideration to the colours and tones that work for me. And I thought I’d share what I came up with.

Wearing neon really isn’t so different from wearing any other colour—it’s just a little more fun! Here are four key tips for wearing neon makeup if you’re new to it:

1) Choose a colour that flatters your undertones.

Not all neons are created equal, my lovelies. You need to choose a shade that works with your skin. Do you have cool, pinky undertones like me? Choose a cool colour, such as a blue-toned pink. Do you have warm, golden undertones? Try rocking that yellow or lime green!

2) Choose a colour in the same family of colours you typically wear.

Do you love wearing orange? Wearing the right neon orange should be no problem! I love pinks, plums and berries, while light shades wash me out. So I chose a deep, bold fuchsia that works with my skin tone and is part of the pink family I like so much: Illamasqua Lipstick in Atomic.

amy vancouver eyeshadow addict
See how Atomic matches the pinks in my skin?

3) Make sure your neon feature is the star of the show.

So that old rule about playing up only one feature is a little old—rules are made to be broken! But if you’re wearing neon, I strongly recommend pulling out the old rulebook. Neon is BOLD. Pile on too many colours and you might look Halloween. Choose one feature and one shade, and you’ll rock it.

4) If in doubt, dial it down.

If you’re new to neon, you can start small: Nail colour. My favourite is Pompeii Purple by OPI (which, incidentally, matches Illamsqua Atomic quite perfectly). If you’re ready to take more of a risk, graduate to lips—but feel free to sheer it out. You can blot your bold neon colour so that it’s more of a stain. Alternatively, you can go with a gloss such as Revlon Adorned.

What do you think? Will you be trying neon this summer?

Thank you Amy! That is a beautiful lipstick shade and it looks great on you! I’m still afraid of bright colours and will settle for a little touch on the eyes – for now. 😉

– Chantal 🙂

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