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The theme for our guest posts this month with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers is worth the splurge and I have the beautiful Ingrid from Curly Spring Blossom sharing an item she thinks is worth opening up your wallet for. Let’s find out what it is…


A month ago, I realized that I was about to ran out of my beloved High Definition Powder Make Up For Ever! It would have been so easy to just order another one but the makeup addict, fanatic, obsessive that I’m am, I wanted to try a new one. Having been burned before by bad products that I had to return (Which I loathe like crazy !!!), I now do my researches before buying!!! In my quest to find a powder as good as my MUFE, I found three (3) with outstanding reviews: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (46$CND), Nars Light Reflecting Setting Powder (44$CND) & Givenchy Poudre Première Mat & Translucent Finish Loose Powder (57$CND). I did put Laura Mercier in my Sephora cart but, at the last minute, I switched to the Nars one …(Go figure!)


For the last month I had the pleasure to work with this powder, so this is definitely not a first impression (Personal Note: I don’t like writing on first impressions since, regularly, my opinions change and I feel dishonest in a way!). MUFE was really good but this Nars powder hits it out of the park big time. Worth the Splurge ?!! You bet!!!


Love Fest

♥ Extremely fine milled powder (Silky-like texture),

♥ Doesn’t cake at all (and no white cast),

♥ Sets my liquid foundation AMAZINGLY,

♥ Superb lasting power, I never feel the need to reapply during the day,

♥ This powder really diffuses my imperfections, my pores especially,

♥ Doesn’t accentuate my dry patches.

♥ Most importantly it gives the most beautiful and natural glow (Almost looks airbrushed!!!)


If you are on the hunt for a new setting powder, I highly recommend this one. Nars being a high-end brand, it is more pricey but girls, it is so worth the extravagant expense. In my experience, 10g of powder will last you at least 6 months. The way I mostly use it is by PRESSING the powder to my skin using my “I on Beauty” Angle Blusher Brush and then at the very end of my makeup, I use my “Flower Beauty” Ultimate Powder Brush in a swirling motion to be 100% sure that there is no harsh line on my face and voilà… One more thing, I feel this powder is not aging whatsoever, so all ages can benefit from using this magnificent product (I may not be old but my twenties are unfortunately a thing of the past)!!


Note: Loose powders are NOT for traveling, period … Depends on whether you want product all over your luggage and clothes, or not !! 😉 Maybe the Custom Officer will ask a few more questions with this white powder scattered everywhere !!!

Thanks for stopping by


Ingrid xo’s


Ooh I need to try this setting powder, I always use a pressed powder over my BB Cream, but this one sounds like it would do a perfect job! Thank you Ingrid!

– Chantal 🙂

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