Illamasqua ”Faux Pas” Nail Polish

Hey everyone!

Did you have a nice long weekend (for those of you who had one)? I sure did! Well, we’re on vacation (this past week and this current one) so it was a long weekend for us regardless, but it was still a great one! On Saturday I met up with some fellow Canadian Beauty Bloggers (more on that in a future post) and on Sunday we had my brother and his fiance over for a sausage fest! (get your mind out of the gutter! 😉 ) We do it every summer and we try all kinds of sausages. SO YUMMY!

And throughout all of that this is the nail polish I had on my nails: Illamasqua “Faux Pas”.

illamasqua faux pas nail polish

The square cap comes off and there’s a little tip you can use (if you don’t like using square caps). But if you don’t mind the square cap it stays securely on so you can use it as well. The brush is the typical round brush and it works well.

illamasqua faux pas nail polish

Faux Pas is described as blue violet, rubber finish. I don’t see the blue in this colour, it’s just violet (I actually call it purple). It’s true about the rubber finish though – it’s kind of waxy and dull.

The top of the cap has the Illamasqua logo – which I put upside down. Whoops! 🙂

illamasqua faux pas nail polish

The formula on this nail polish is amazing – it’s a one coater! I did my nails after doing a workout so I was quite shaky and my application was patchy so I put two coats (more like 1.5), but in regular times only one medium coat would be necessary. It dries fast too. I’m not a fan of the rubber finish, but add a top coat and it’s all good!

illamasqua faux pas nail polish

This is my first time trying an Illamasqua nail polish and I’m impressed! I received this one and another colour from my brother and his fiance for… either Christmas or my birthday last year.

I just bought two more colours on The Bay – they’re half price at $8.50. The colour selection is limited though because the brand is on clearance. This is also more than I would usually pay for nail polish, but I was so impressed with the formula of this one that it’s worth it – which falls in with the Canadian Beauty Bloggers’ theme of the month: worth the splurge! I just hope the other colours have a great formula too! 🙂

Have you tried nail polish from Illamasqua?

– Chantal 🙂

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