Spooky Eyes Sexy Brown Big Eyes Contact Lenses

Hey everyone!

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I’m back with another pair of contact lenses from Spooky Eyes and this time it’s their Sexy Brown Big Eyes lenses.

spooky eyes sexy brown big eyes contact lenses


Brand: Dream Eyes
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base curve: 8.6
Duration: 90 days opened – 4 years unopened

These cannot be made with a prescription.

spooky eyes sexy brown big eyes contact lenses

This time I went with a more natural look because I wanted to be able to wear them out without freaking out people – remember my Aqua Blue Daisies? In this next picture I’m only wearing one contact so you can see the difference it makes.

spooky eyes sexy brown big eyes contact lenses

The brown from the contact doesn’t quite reach the brown of my eyes so you can see a bit of a white gap, but I find it makes a cool effect.

spooky eyes sexy brown big eyes contact lenses

I wore these to work one day and they were very comfortable. I had them in for a good 8 hours and I did not feel them at all.

I wonder if my colleagues will "see" something different today. 😉 with @spooky_eyes

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Don’t you find I look like a doll? 🙂

I don’t interact with that many people on a daily basis – IT work is mostly you and your computer – but two of my friends noticed something different. I plan on wearing them out again.

These retail for $27.99 USD, but they’re currently on sale for $23.95 and the shipping is free – always!

You need to check Spooky Eyes, they have so many Colored Contact Lenses! And with Halloween just around the corner, wearing special effect lenses could really add to your costume.

Would you wear contacts like these?

– Chantal 🙂

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