Odylique Aloe Vera Bodywash and Gentle Herb Shampoo

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I’m back with another review from Odylique (by Essential Care) – remember their mascara? Today I’m sharing with your their Aloe Vera Bodywash and their Gentle Herb Shampoo.

All Odylique products are natural, hand-made and free from synthetic chemicals. Their philosophy is: All ingredients must have therapeutic value, and the product must be a joy to use.

odylique aloe vera bodywash and gentle herb shampoo

Both these products have a very similar scent so I’ll talk about that first. It’s very natural and herbal – but more plant-ish, if that makes any sense. There’s almost a floral/sweetness to it that doesn’t really make it quite a grassy scent, but I just can’t pinpoint the exact scent. I like it though.

The scent comes from the ingredients – Odylique does not add any fragrance to these products.

Aloe Vera Bodywash

This bodywash uses a mild cleansing agent (derived from corn sugar), so I wasn’t really expecting much of lather from it – and it doesn’t really have one either. I mean, it does lather up, but it’s not that crazy massive lather you get from products that use sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s a very mild lather.

I use cleansing/exfoliating gloves with my bodywash and with this one I use two pumps to wash my torso, two more to do my arms, and then two more per leg for a total of eight pumps per shower.

It leaves my skin feeling clean, and it feels kind of in between squeaky clean and moisturizing. I prefer a moisturizing bodywash, but this one is not too much squeaky clean so I don’t mind using it.

odylique aloe vera bodywash

Gentle Herb Shampoo

I was very excited to try this shampoo because it has won a few awards. You are meant to massage this shampoo into your hair and scalp, then leave for 2-3 minutes for your hair to absorb it, and you’re not supposed to need any conditioner after that.

I was not expecting this product to really lather up either because it is free of all sulfates, but it has a nice lather (more than the bodywash). I usually leave my conditioner in while I wash my body, so instead I just let this shampoo do its magic while I washed my body then I rinsed everything off. I could tell right away that it did not detangle my hair as good as a conditioner does – I could tell it was all knotted back there (I have long hair).

I have to say though that as knotted as my hair was, it was easier to comb through than I expected. I still had to work at removing the knots, but it just seemed easier than it should have been.

Since my hair is so long and naturally wavy/curly I always use styling products to tame my mane, otherwise it’s just an ugly mess. This shampoo got rid of all my styling products really well.

An odd thing I noticed is that as I combed through the knots my hair seemed to drip more than usual. It’s kind of weird to explain, but it’s just something I really noticed when I used this shampoo.

I use 5-7 pumps of shampoo per wash depending on if I have products in my hair or not.

My hair felt really soft when it was dry and styled.

odylique gentle herb shampoo

Final Thoughts

Both these products work well, and I have to admit better than I expected. I do need to add a conditioner with the shampoo though because it leaves my hair a bit too tangled for my liking. And I prefer a more moisturizing bodywash, but that is a personal preference (my husband prefers the ones that leave your skin feeling squeaky clean).

What do you look for in your shampoo and bodywash?

The Aloe Vera Bodywash retails for $19 and the Gentle Herb Shampoo retails for $20.

Have you tried products from Odylique? What about natural products in general?

– Chantal 🙂

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