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Hi everyone!

Have you ever paid attention to the ads on Facebook? I kept seeing ads for, a discount clothing store, so one day I finally decided to check it out.

rosegal logo

There were lots of pieces I liked, but I was always hesitant to purchase anything. I think the low prices made me hesitant… I mean, would the clothes be “cheap”? They have free shipping worldwide so I figured I could order a couple of pieces to try it out, so that’s what I did!

I ordered two items on September 15th. On Sept 16th I got a notice that one item was shipped, and on the 27th the second item was shipped. The first item never arrived (at least not yet)… and the second item took maybe three weeks to arrive.

I was planning on doing this post with both items, but since one item never arrived we’ll take a look at the one that did arrive: the Vintage Printed Long Sleeve Irregular Cardigan For Women in a size medium. This one is priced at $22.47 USD and I paid $14.18 for it.

Let’s take a look…

rosegal - Vintage Printed Long Sleeve Irregular Cardigan For Women - comparison

The sleeves are made of sateen (or something like it) and the body is knitted and quite see-through.

rosegal - Vintage Printed Long Sleeve Irregular Cardigan For Women - comparison

So… where do I start…? Did I get the petite version or something?!? The item I received definitely does not fit like the one the model is wearing… unless she’s wearing an extra large (which would have been nice to know, and false advertisement).

When my husband saw the sweater he did not like it at all, and when I showed him the pictures online he said “that’s not even what you got!” so he agrees that the pictures are deceiving – and he agrees that the sweater looks good online.

I think this shirt will go straight to the donation bin, *sigh*. 🙁

I wish my other item would have arrived too – FYI it was the Women’s Heart Pattern T-Shirt Long Sleeve Crew Neck Tops. If it ever arrives I’ll do another post to let you know how it fits.

Will I shop on RoseGal again? I did make a wishlist on the site so if one of the items comes down to maybe $5-$7 I might give it another try – just to see.

Have you had bad experiences ordering online?

– Chantal 🙂

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