Knock out! Smart Panties: Lacy Bikini & Lacy Brief

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Today I’m talking about panties. That’s right, underwear, undies, underpants, petite culotte. 🙂 Have you heard of Knock out! Smart Panties before? They’re panties with a special liner made from patented breakthrough NOTRACE technology. What’s this all about? Keep on reading to find out and to see the two pairs I received to try out.

knock out! smart panties lacy bikini lacy brief

Have you ever worn a pantyliner because you didn’t trust your panties to protect you? Or didn’t and wish you had? Ever had leaks, spotting, sweat (odour) issues? The Knock out! Smart Panties are made to save you from those uncomfortable and embarrassing moments. The patented liner is made of 100% natural, soft, dye-free, thin, Supima® cotton that is only 1 millimeter thick (source:

knock out smart panties technology

Lacy Bikini | Medium | Sky ($24 USD)

I chose the lacy bikini because I wear mostly low-rise pants (you can see the print of my pants in my “modelling” picture below) and this is the style I usually go for when buying panties. This colour is called sky, but I find it’s more aqua – which I love.

knock out! smart panties lacy bikini sky

These panties are really comfortable and I feel sexy wearing them. You can see how these are very low rise.

knock out! smart panties lacy bikini sky

The lacy bikini is available in S-M-L and 5 colours.

Lacy Brief | Medium | Lilac ($32-34 USD)

I was also sent the lacy brief in the colour lilac – love the colour! This is not a style I usually go for because they’re higher than my pants, but under dresses these would be perfect. I don’t wear dresses, but I still wear these panties.

knock out! smart panties lacy brief lilac

This is another pair that is really comfortable and even though they’re high-rise I still feel sexy in them. My husband really likes these too. 😉

knock out! smart panties lacy brief lilac

These are available in 8 sizes! From XS to 3X and come in 6 colours.

Going sans pantyliner is really scary for me so I tried it on days when I knew I didn’t have to leave the house – just in case – and, lo and behold, these panties did the job… PHEW!

Comfy panties that make me feel sexy and offer extra protection? Yes, yes and yes!

These are definitely above the price range I usually go for when buying underwear, but their performance is worth it.

Knock out! also has workout gear, night wear, shape wear, and men’s wear.

Have you heard of Knock out! before? Are these panties you would wear?

– Chantal 🙂

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