THEFACESHOP Monkey Character Mask – with video!

Hi everyone!

I was really excited to receive a THEFACESHOP Character Mask in my Winter 2015 Luxe Box that I just HAD to try is ASAP!

thefaceshop character mask monkey

This moisturizing and soothing character face mask formulated with moisture- and vitamin-rich Apple Extract soothes dry, sensitized skin.

I even filmed myself trying it! 😀

I got the Monkey mask which is made with apple extract. I didn’t find it smelled like apples, more like green tea, but it was a light fresh scent and absolutely lovely.

thefaceshop character mask monkey

The mask felt really good while I was wearing it, and it felt cool the entire time. It did slide down slowly though because the essence is kind of slippery.

How freaky does this look?!? lol!

thefaceshop character mask monkey

This is a moisturizing mask so you do not need to add moisturizer after you’re done.

After I removed the mask I massaged the essence all over my face. It doesn’t get fully absorbed when I do that so I let it sink in before I go to bed (I get ready for bed 1-2 hours before I actually go to bed).

When I woke up the next morning my face felt really good, and actually felt quite soft to the touch (which I noticed when I washed my face).

Have you tried a character mask?

– Chantal 🙂

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