KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

Hi everyone!

Not too long ago I broke a nail, and even though I keep my nails quite short and you could barely tell, I could see it and it was driving me nuts. So instead of applying nail polish I opted for these KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful ($10.99 CAD).

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

The kit comes with everything you need to apply the nails:

  • 24 nails (2 x 12 sizes)
  • 24 adhesives (2 x 12 sizes)
  • nail glue
  • orange stick
  • nail file/buffer
  • instructions

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

They have a lot of sizes, and with two of each size you should be able to fit all nails. However, I have three nails that need the same size, so for one of them I took one size up and filed the sides to make it smaller.

You can either apply these with glue or with adhesives. If you use the adhesives, they are number coded to match with the size of nails you choose.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

To see the full instructions take a look at the first KISS Gel Fantasy Nails I tried.

If you look at the image above you will see little white lines under the numbers on the nails. Those have to be filed down because they stick out at the tip of the nails.

I glued the nails on my right hand and used the adhesives on my left hand. If you use the glue, make sure you cover the entire nail surface with glue, otherwise you will see patches through the nails (because these nails are a bit sheer). If you use the adhesives, make sure you place the adhesive at the root of the nail because you will see through where the adhesive is placed. Look at my thumb in this next picture, I did not place the adhesive at the root and you can see it. Also make sure you press down well on the nails – see the air bubbles on my index and ring fingers? Actually, I have some on all my nails. They’re not really visible in real life, but I knew they were there so it felt like that’s all I could see when I looked at my nails.

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

These don’t really save any time for me. With choosing which size is best for each nail, filing down the tips, plus filing down one nail to fit, it’s pretty much the same time as doing my nails. However, once I’m done I can do anything right away because I don’t have to wait for them to dry. That is where the real time saver is for me.

Here’s a close up so you can see the glitters better. Isn’t it a pretty mix?

KISS Gel Fantasy Nails in Fanciful

I really liked the look of these nails. Unfortunately, I did not get to wear them for long… I put them on before going to bed. The next morning, as I’m getting ready to do my workout (I do that first thing in the morning), I lift the antenna on the baby monitor (to make sure I get a good reception – in case she wakes up) and apparently loosened a nail while doing that. Then as I’m cycling away on the stationary bike I touch my right thumb and the nail pops off (the one I used to lift the antenna). I figured I’ll just glue it back on once I’m done getting ready for work. Then as I’m taking my shower, the pinky on my left hand pops off, and then the middle finger too. At that point I just peeled the rest of the nails off.

The ones with adhesive came off rather easily, and the ones with glue came off after working them a bit, but I did not damage my nails by doing this (although you should use acetone to remove them).

I think part of the reason why these popped off so easily is because the nails are really curved compared to my natural nails, and I felt like they just wanted to slide up and lift when I put them on. I could feel the pressure on my nails, but it went away after a while.

I had high hopes for these because I wore the first KISS Gel Fantasy Nails I tried for an entire week! (with re-adhering some of the nails with adhesive)

What do you think?

– Chantal 🙂

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