Foolproof Blending with Demeter Duo and Trio Fragrance Kits

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another Demeter post today! I LOVE Demeter fragrances, they’re all so different and unique from anything else I’ve tried before, and thanks to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers I get to share more with you!

What’s nice about the Demeter fragrances is that you can mix and match them to get even more unique scents that you can be almost 100% sure no one else will have. They have created Duo and Trio Foolproof Blending Kits to get you started on mixing your own fragrance. Today I will be sharing with you the Vanilla Trio kit which includes Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food, and Gingerbread, plus a custom Duo kit with Clean Skin and Sunshine.

demeter blending kit duo clean skin sunshine trio vanilla

Trio Foolproof Blending Kit in Vanilla ($45 USD)

The trio kits come with three fragrances (obviously), and some blending strips so you can test different combinations.

demeter vanilla trio blending kit hawaiian vanilla angel food gingerbread

Hawaiian Vanilla – this one smells SO GOOD! I find it’s a mild vanilla with a hint of floral. Vanilla scents usually remind me of winter, but this one reminds me of summer and it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing when the warmer weather comes around. It doesn’t quite remind me of Hawaii (I have been before), but there is something tropical to the scent.

Angel Food – this one doesn’t smell really strong, but it’s a very mild and sweet scent just like angel food cake, yum!

Gingerbread – I don’t find this one sweet at all, but not overly spicy either. I really find that it smells like gingerbread cookies though, I just want to eat it up! Adding some Angel Food over it adds in some sweetness, but you need LOTS of Angel Food for it to be noticed, almost a 10:1 ratio!

Custom Duo Foolproof Blending Kit in Clean Skin/Sunshine ($35 USD)

The duo kits come with two fragrances, an empty bottle, a little funnel and four droppers so you can mix your own scent in one bottle instead of spraying it on you from two (or more) bottles all the time.

demeter duo blending kit clean skin sunshine

Clean Skin – This one really smells like you just stepped out of the bath or shower and you smell clean with a hint of lingering soap. It’s a light citrus and sweet scent. I really like it, it’s fresh.

SunshineDemeter says Think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun. And honestly that’s exactly what it smells like! There’s this very faint hint of fabric softener, and an outdoors freshness that you can only get by drying your clothes outside on the clothesline. This is another one that is really fresh and I quite enjoy.

My Custom Fragrance

Demeter helps you out by giving you some basics on blending, but basically do what YOU want! 🙂

demeter blending kit duo clean skin sunshine trio vanilla

Just don’t do what I did and knock over a bottle. 🙁

demeter spill

Alright, the mess is cleaned up so let’s get blending! All I knew is that I did not want Gingerbread in my custom scent because it just didn’t appeal to me.

demeter blending kit duo clean skin sunshine trio vanilla

At first I tried a few combinations on paper strips, then sprayed a combo on each arm. At that point I started mixing in the bottle… then I sprayed the mix on a leg – on the calf (since both arms were already sprayed). It wasn’t quite there yet so I ajusted the mix some more and sprayed the other leg. I looked like a human pretzel making my scent, lol!

I ended up going with:

– 5 parts Hawaiian Vanilla
– 5 parts Angel Food
– 2 parts Clean Skin
(no Sunshine)

And I call my special custom scent Hawaiian Vacation!

demeter my custom blended fragrance hawaiian vacation

That was so much fun! I’ll definitely experiment some more and include the other Demeter fragrances that I have.

I’m not the only one who got to play fragrance master with Demeter, check out all the other reviews and custom blends!

What would your custom fragrance be like?

– Chantal 🙂

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