Monthly Empties: January 2016

Hi everyone!

It’s time to look at my first batch of empties of 2016! Here are all the products I finished in January.

monthly empties january 2016

Green light - loved it = Loved it!
Orange light - it's okay = It’s okay.
Red light - dislike = Dislike!
No rating = No rating.
(Links are to my past reviews.)

I won’t go into details on the repeat items. They’re repeats because I obviously love them. 🙂


monthly empties january 2016 body

Arbonne – FC5 Conditioning Body Moisture Green light - loved it REPEAT ITEM!

Aveeno – Daily Moisturizing Lotion Green light - loved it REPEAT ITEM! But this is my last one, it’s been replaced by the Arbonne lotion above.

Etude House – My Castle Hand Cream in Ice Frozen Green light - loved it I bought this one because it’s a cute container. The hand cream worked really well. It smelled quite perfumy though, kind of old lady hand cream – but in a good way. I’m saving the castle for my daughter.

Shea Butter Market – Unscented Hand Cream Orange light - it's okay I received this in a MommiesFirst box. It’s unscented, meaning that there is no fragrance added to it, but it smells like the ingredients and it’s delicious! It’s shea butter, need I say more? I had this at work and at first it seemed moisturizing enough, but at the beginning of January my hands got really dry and my knuckles were red and starting to crack. This is the hand cream I used the most so I switched it for another one and my hands got better. So for that reason I’m tossing it (it’s not empty yet).


monthly empties january 2016 face

Arbonne – Clear Future Deep Pore Acne Cleanser Green light - loved it This cleanser worked well. I’m not sure it did much in the acne fighting department since my acne is hormonal, but it can’t hurt, right? I really liked it, but not as much as the cleanser I usually use so I will not buy it again.

Arbonne – RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum Green light - loved it REPEAT ITEM!


monthly empties january 2016 hair

Arbonne – FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo & Conditioner Green light - loved it REPEATS!


monthly empties january 2016 misc

Etude House – Help My Finger Quick Dry Drops Orange light - it's okay I honestly don’t know if drying drops really help with the drying time of nail polish, but I like using them. What I like the most is that they hydrate my cuticles (since I clean them with acetone and it dries them up). These are not the most hydrating dry drops I’ve used, but not the worse either. I bought these from RoseRoseShop.

Marvis – Flavoured Toothpaste Green light - loved it I don’t usually include toothpaste in my empties, but I just had to with these ones. I won them from Procrastinating Pretty and they were so much fun to use, I was sad to finish them. They all tasted good, even the ones I didn’t think I’d like (ginger and amarelli licorice). They’re all mint plus a flavour (aquatic mint, amarelli licorice, classic strong mint, jasmin mint, ginger mint, whitening ming, cinnamon mint). SO YUMMY!

And there you have it! Have you tried any of these products?

– Chantal 🙂

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