essence ”the green & the grunge” nail polish – swatches and review

Hi everyone!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate! I was planning to show you some nail art today, but it was a miserable fail so instead I’m showing you my base colour which is this beautiful green from essence called the green & the grunge.

FYI – the bottle is not supposed to be a gradient green like that, it’s just that I’ve had this for over a year and the colour seperated a bit. Even though a good shake fixed the formula inside, it seems the part stuck to the inside of the bottle wanted to stay like this.

essence the green & the grunge nail polish

I’ve always loved essence‘s brushes. Their wide and thin format cover my nails really well.

essence the green and the grunge nail polish

the green & the grunge is a beautiful green that is almost opaque in one coat, but I found two coats gave it better coverage. It has a nice shiny finish on its own, but I don’t find the finish really smooth so I added a layer of topcoat.

The Pantone colour of the year for 2013 was emerald so that’s why this bottle has “color of the year” on it (I believe it was released that year).

essence the green and the grunge nail polish

Green is not a colour I usually gravitate towards, but I can appreciate a beautiful green polish and this is one of those.

essence the green and the grunge nail polish

In case you’re wondering what kind of nail art I tried to do, it was a golden four-leaf clover on my ring finger and golden dots on all other fingers. The clover ended up being this huge blob that didn’t even look like anything, and the dotted fingers were too busy – too many dots. Nail art doesn’t always work out and I don’t mind posting it when that happens – remember my partially failed Valentine’s Day nail art? However, I absolutely HATED this one and couldn’t even stand to look at it. I removed it right away. I just couldn’t… argh!

What is your go-to green nail polish?

– Chantal 🙂

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