Give Flowers for Mother’s Day with Demeter and The Body Shop

Hi everyone!

It’s Mother’s Day next weekend, are you ready? I find it crazy how things just creep up on me. Ever since giving birth I think I left my brain somewhere and lost the map. Mommy brain, it’s a real thing!

Giving flowers for Mother’s Day is an easy go-to gift, but how about switching it up with one of these flower-themed gifts? Demeter has an Orchid Collection and The Body Shop has a British Rose line that are both perfect for the occasion! Keep on reading to find out more…

mother's day demeter orchid collection the body shop british rose

Demeter Orchid Collection Sampler Set ($10 USD)

I don’t have flowers at home, but I’ve always wanted an orchid – I just find them so beautiful, elegant, and exotic. I’ve never bought one though for fear of killing it because I don’t have a green thumb, but one day I will get over my fear and buy one.

In the meantime I can enjoy their fragrance thanks to Demeter‘s Orchid Collection which currently has five fragrances. They have a sampler set so you can try them all and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

demeter fragrance library orchid collection

I apologize beforehand – my scent vocabulary sucks. 🙂

Twilight OrchidThe heart of this sensuous fragrance is red ginger orchid and midnight orchid, balanced by warm amber and oud wood. While the focus is on the Twilight Orchid, this complex, yet linear blend includes yuza, pink grapefruit and jasmine, making it lighter, fuller and more complete and wearable anytime. (source)

I find this one smells warm and sultry. I think I’d wear this one more in the winter.

Calypso OrchidInspired by the velvety texture of fresh calypso orchid petals, this fragrance captures the olfactory impression of these pink colored flowers, creating a unique exotic, and almost tropical effect. We tried to create the experience like “bathing in orchid petals’’, taking a truly a different approach to constructing this fragrance. (source)

This is my favourite one of the collection! I don’t quite know how to describe it, but there really is something exotic and almost tropical to it. Not like Hawaii-tropical, but it just takes you away to some exotic land… I think just saying exotic describes it perfectly. 🙂

Aphrodite’s Slipper OrchidThis is a spicy floral, variously described as cinnamon or cloves mixed with honey, or freshly mowed hay. Exotic and irresistibly unique Aphrodite’s Slipper reveals different aspects of its character at different moments in time. (source)

I find this one smells very very light and when I do get a scent it’s mostly spicy, but still very light.

Cattleya OrchidCattleya is a slightly sweet and creamy floral with a citrusy top note, but we used patchouli to create a different kind of depth and sophistication. (source)

I smell the sweetness, the citrus, the patchouli, and I love it! This is my second favourite from the collection.

To Yo Ran OrchidThis is a light, transparent white orchid that centers on a bright, but soft, lemony note, with green undertones. This is a really great scent for daytime or layering with other fragrances. (source seems no longer available by itself)

Light lemon and green, not like grass green, but when you smell it, green makes sense. If that makes sense! 🙂

demeter fragrance library orchid collection

The samples are great because you can take them with you; just throw the one you’re wearing in your purse. You can even tie them on your key chain if you want. They also have an atomizer pump so you don’t have to fumble with those sample tops that you have to pull off and end up with half the contents on your hands.

Each fragrance is available in multiple sizes and there’s also a 1 oz set with Twilight, To Yo Ran and Aphrodite’s Slipper for $35 USD. Find them all on Demeter‘s site.

The Body Shop British Rose

Is there a more iconic flower for love than a rose? It might be more symbolistic of Valentine’s Day, but this new British Rose collection from The Body Shop is perfect for any mom in your life.

I won’t lie, I’m not a huge fan of rose fragrances and usually call them “granny smell”, but the British Rose scent has this freshness to it that I quite enjoy and I’ll definitely be using these products!

the body shop british rose collection

The British Rose Exfoliating Soap ($6 CAD) contains real rose petals! I haven’t reached many exfoliating bits in it yet so I can’t really talk about that aspect of the soap, but the soapy part works great! It gives a bit of a squeaky clean feeling when you rinse it off which I’m not a fan of because that usually leaves my skin feeling tight, but this soap leaves my skin feeling really soft.

the body shop british rose exfoliating soap

The British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter (50ml / $6 CAD) has glow enhancing rose essence in it and is the first of its kind from TBS. I find it gives a healthy skin look – you know when your skin is well hydrated and it has this glow? That’s what I’m talking about. It’s not a heavy butter – the first time I used it I was expecting a hard consistency and put my finger right through it! But it still does a great job at moisturizing and will be perfect for the summer – especially when having that glow on your legs. 😉
(Also available in 200ml.)

the body shop british rose instant glow body butter

The British Rose Petal-Soft Hand Cream (30ml / $10 CAD) absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue behind. It’s a lighter hand cream and it’ll be perfect for the warmer summer months. It leaves a light scent on your hands, I don’t find it overpowering, and my hands feel soft.
(Also available in 100ml.)

the body shop british rose petal-soft hand cream

The British Rose collection has many other products and even gift sets, go check it out!

What do you think of these flower-themed gift ideas?

– Chantal 🙂

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