Joe Fresh ”Pink” Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

The Canadian Beauty Bloggers‘ featured brand for May is Joe Fresh and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go through my nail polishes that I have not featured on the blog yet. I’m starting with Joe Fresh “Pink” which I’ve used often in nail art, but it’s never had its own post so here it finally is!

joe fresh pink nail polish

The Joe Fresh brushes are wide and thin like I love them. The bottles are a bit small and that makes the wand a bit short, but I don’t find it awkward to apply my polish.

joe fresh pink nail polish

Whenever I need a pink in nail art I always grab for this one first – I’ve always had great success with it. Here are some nail art where I’ve used it (there are more, but I chose my top 3).

Since I’ve had great success with this nail polish in nail art I was expecting it to have a great formula, but I found it thin, streaky and patchy. I had to use three coats for this opacity, and you can’t really tell in these pictures but I would have needed a fourth coat to make it fully opaque because there are patches here and there. The lights in my light box also make it look milkier than it actually is – in real life it’s a darker pink (I prefer this milkier pink from the pictures).

joe fresh pink nail polish

It self-levels well and has a great shiny finish though. These pictures are all with three coats and no top coat.

joe fresh pink nail polish

I’m not a fan of this nail polish on its own, but I love it in nail art and will continue to use it for that.

What nail polishes have you tried from Joe Fresh? Any recommendations?

– Chantal 🙂

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