ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste Review

Hi everyone,

We all brush our teeth, right? At least, I hope you all do. 😉 Oral health is important to keep your chiclets in check and your breath fresh. I know there are medical conditions that can affect both even if you do have good oral hygiene, but today we’ll just concentrate on the toothpaste because it is important regardless.

That’s right, today I’m talking about toothpaste, the ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste to be specific.

ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

I’m going to brag a little bit right now because I’m really proud of this: I’m 38 and I’ve never had a cavity. Never, ever. And at my last dentist appointment back in May the dental hygienist said that my mouth could be on a poster about healthy gums. I know I’m not the only out there like that, but I’m still very proud about that. Every time I go see my dentist they always seem impressed by my oral health. I have to say that part of that has to be in my genes though. I rarely floss. There, I said it. But I brush my teeth daily, at least twice a day.

ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

However, I do have a lot of wear and tear on my teeth, way more than I should have at my age and we have no clue where it came from. Well, part of it I know where… I had this nervous tic when I was a kid where I would clench my jaw muscles, very quickly, just for a second, and it made my teeth grind against each other. I still do it, although it’s not about nervousness anymore and more about just being so used to doing it. And I do it multiple times a day, an hour, a minute. Yup, it’s that bad. It’s like my muscles need it. When I make a conscious decision not to do it, my muscles ache for it. Like right now. Gah!

I have a lot of acid erosion on my teeth at my gum line, both top and bottom, and that we don’t know why. My dentist once asked me if I bite into lemons often, but I rarely drink or eat anything acidic, so it must just be how I am.

Because of the erosion my teeth are very sensitive, so for the past few years I’ve been using Pronamel toothpaste and with that my teeth are no longer sensitive. I’m always hesitant to try a different toothpaste because I don’t want the sensitivity to come back, but it’s been almost a month with the ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste and so far, so good. This toothpaste does help to strengthen tooth enamel so that definitely helps.

ARM & HAMMER Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste
I didn’t quite get the beautiful toothpaste curve that you see in commercials, lol!

This toothpaste has 4 different cleaning agents that whiten and clean teeth. However, I have not noticed my teeth getting any whiter (I wish I did).

The one thing I really like about this toothpaste is the lasting freshness – it lasts WAY longer than Pronamel. It lasts over an hour, I don’t think I’ve ever used a toothpaste that lasted so long before – none that I can remember anyway.

Overall I’m really happy with this toothpaste. They have some for sensitive teeth, to strengthen enamel, and to whiten teeth so I’ll definitely be trying some of those later (once I finish my huge Pronamel pack that I bought at Costco).

What toothpaste do you use?

– Chantal 🙂

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