Black Fly Booze: Whisky Sour, Vodka Sour Grape & Vodka Sour Raspberry

Hi everyone!

Are you looking for a refreshing beverage to bring to your next party? Or just a good drink to unwind after a long work day? Or maybe just because you want to have a drink… who needs an excuse, right? 😉 I have a few options for you from Black Fly, a Canadian company! Today I’ll be sharing with you their Whisky Sour, Vodka Sour Grape, and new this year their Vodka Sour Raspberry.

Must be of legal drinking age to purchase. Please drink responsibly.

black fly booze

Black Fly strives to work with as many local suppliers and trade partners as possible in an effort to support Ontario and Canadian businesses, celebrate Canadian talent, and reduce our environmental footprint by shopping LOCAL. source

The drinks I’m sharing with you today come in 473 mL aluminum cans.

black fly booze

Vodka Sour Grape – This one tastes like sour purple grapes, yum! I really enjoy the taste of this one, it’s not too sweet and not too grape-y either. Don’t get me wrong, I love grapes, they’re one of my favourite fruits. And this really does taste like grapes, but it’s not like a grape explosion in your mouth – if that makes sense. If it tasted any stronger you would not want to enjoy more than one of these, but with this taste I could drink it all day long.

Vodka Sour Raspberry – I love raspberries, and I mean I LOVE raspberries; they’re one of my favourite fruits – even higher than grapes. And I find that this drink tastes just like real raspberries, YUMMY! The only difference is that the tartiness that usually comes with raspberries has been replaced with a sour taste. It actually tastes a lot like a Sour Puss, but at 7% alc./vol. instead of 15%. And like the Vodka Sour Grape it’s not too strong in taste and sweetness.

Whisky Sour – This one has a nice sour lime taste. Like the other two above, it’s not too strong on the sweetness and on the fruity taste either – I find it just perfect.

black fly booze

These all taste like the fruit juices that they’re made with. However, as I mentioned above, it’s not as strong a taste (both in fruitiness and sweetness) as the juices would be by themselves. I find they taste perfect like this because they would be too much if they tasted any stronger. And the sour taste balances out the fruits perfectly. I really enjoyed these drinks and need to get more.

I’m glad that I got introduced to this great Canadian brand! I have more drinks from them to share with you so keep an eye out for more Black Fly coming soon!

Check out their site to see where you can purchase them.

Have you heard of Black Fly before? What’s your go-to summer drink?

– Chantal 🙂

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