Les Soins de Jacynthe Skincare Review

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Today I’m sharing with you a skincare line from Quebec called Les Soins de Jacynthe. I’ll be showing you three of their products: Huile nettoyante de Jacynthe (cleansing oil, 50ml/$28.35 CAD), Eau florale de Rose (floral rose water, 100ml/$21 CAD), and Le Sérum de Jacynthe (serum, 15ml/$47 CAD).

les soins de jacynthe

Les Soins de Jacynthe is from Jacynthe René, well known as a French Canadian actress from Quebec. All her products are 100% natural and use active ingredients and fragrances from plants and flowers. There are zero chemicals to be found here.

Huile nettoyante de Jacynthe

This cleansing oil is made of jojoba and apricot oils, seabuckthorn CO2, bourbon, geranium rosa, ylang ylang and sandalwood oils. And it smells amazing! I find it kind of reminds me of exotic boutiques where they sell products from all over the world and they often have incense burning.

To cleanse your face you use a full dropper (it actually only fills up about 1/3 and that’s all you need). You don’t need to wet your face first, just rub the cleansing oil all over your face and eyes in circular motions.

To rinse it off you can either use water or a face cloth. I prefer using a wet, warm face cloth because I find with just water it leaves too much oil behind and I don’t feel like my face is clean. Note that this cleansing oil won’t emulsify like most cleansing oils do.

I’ve tried this cleansing oil on a full face of makeup and it did not remove all of my makeup completely, so either a pre-cleanse or a second cleanse is needed. I usually remove my eye makeup with micellar water on a cotton pad and then I pass it all over my face once I’m done. That’s good enough of a pre-cleanse and this cleansing oil then takes care of the rest.

les soins de jacynthe huile nettoyante cleansing oil

Eau florale de rose

This rose water is made with Bulgarian rose and it smells wonderful! This is a face mist that you don’t rub in. You spray all over your face (2 sprays are enough, but I indulge and use 4-5 cause I love the scent!) and you immediately follow with the serum. By leaving your skin wet with this rose water it helps your skin absorb the serum better.

les soins de jacynthe eau florale de rose floral water

Le Sérum de Jacynthe

This serum is made with oils of evening primrose, borage, seabuckthorn & rose hip. CO2 extractions of sandalwood, rose, natural vitamin E and rosemary oleoresin. I find it smells similar to the cleansing oil, but even better.

This serum is a moisturizer that can be used morning and night. I use 4-5 drops for my entire face, including my eyes. You apply this right after spraying the rose water over your face and you rub in both products together.

This serum is for all skin types, except acne-prone skin. It has not broken me out, but then again my breakouts are more hormonal.

les soins de jacynthe serum

Final Thoughts

At first I was hesitant to use these products because I was afraid that all the oil would break me out, but it did not. However, my face does get oily faster because these products kind of leave it just a tad oily to start with. For that reason I only use them at bedtime. And in the morning I have to wash my face as soon as possible otherwise it will get really oily, really fast.

That being said, I love these products! When I’m having a lazy night I find these less a hassle to use than my regular products where I have to wet my face and rinse off with water. I also really love how they smell, and I find that I love each product’s scent more than the previous one (the rose water a bit more than the cleansing oil, and the serum a bit more than the rose water).

A thing to note: I’ve tried using the rose water and serum after a regular (non oil) face cleanser and it wasn’t enough to hydrate my face. This cleansing oil leaves my skin hydrated and moisturized, unlike most cleansers I use.

Do these sound like products you would like?

– Chantal 🙂

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