b.liv ”pores no more” kit review

Hi everyone,

Large pores, I have them and I hate them. They constantly fill up with gunk and I have to clean them regularly. And I don’t mean just cleansing my face morning and night; I have to do extractions. So I was really happy to receive the pores no more kit ($78 USD) from b.liv to try out because it’s meant to help reduce the size of your pores. The kit contains two products: shrink and tighten, a large pore reducing serum, and cc pores away, a complexion correcting cc cream. Let’s take a closer look at these…

b.liv pores no more shrink and tighten cc pores away

shrink and tighten

This is a serum that you can apply twice a day. It’s clear and rather odourless. It looks and feels the same as the off with those heads serum that I’ve previously reviewed.

I was applying this one twice a day, but I’ve since switched to once a day, alternating with the off with those heads serum.

b.liv shrink and tighten

cc pores away

This is a complexion correcting cc cream. It’s white, but takes on a pinkish hue once applied to the skin.

b.liv cc pores away

It really doesn’t offer much coverage. In my picture below I only applied this cc cream to half of my face.

b.liv cc pores away

It does help tone down the redness in my face a little bit, but it definitely won’t replace my foundation. It’s also a bit too light for the tan I have right now. I can see using this in the winter when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, but at the same time when I’d like to tone down my redness. I’ll have to try it again once I don’t have a tan to see how it looks.

I have considered using it under foundation, but the foundations I have are a bit too light for my tan as well so I don’t want to double up on the paleness for my face.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using the shrink and tighten for a couple of months now. While it is not a miracle worker (my pores have not disappeared) I do feel like their appearance did diminish a little bit.

I haven’t really been using the cc pores away yet because it’s too light for me right now, but my natural colour is quite pale so I will definitely try it again this winter once my tan has left.

This pores no more set is currently on sale for $49. That’s a great price considering that the shrink and tighten serum is $49 by itself.

Do these sound like products you would use?

– Chantal 🙂

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