Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

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This summer I shared with you some skincare from Les Soins de Jacynthe, and today I’m back with some of their brand new makeup launched in August. With the launch of their makeup line they re-branded to Maison Jacynthe. The reason for the name change? Because Jacynthe opens the doors of her house and shares its secrets, recipes, and rituals.

maison jacynthe makeup

I have their lipstick in 03 Grenat Transparent Nacré ($33 CAD), their blush in 01 Roméo ($26 CAD), and their terracotta in 02 Pomerrigio ($32 CAD).

maison jacynthe makeup

All of the pan products come in refillable formats; you can buy cases from them or use your own (like a Z Palette).

Terracotta in Pomerrigio

Long-lasting natural terracotta. Excellent for contouring and highlighting. Formulated with coffee extracts, babassu and shea-tree butters, apricot and avocado oils. Brings brightness and radiance to the skin. This terracotta has a silky texture and strong pigments. A little goes a long way. Gives you a healthy look throughout the day.

I love highlighters and always use one when wearing makeup so I was immediately attracted to the terracotta in 02 Pomerrigio (which is intended for that). That being said, the shade is a bit too dark for me to wear as a highlighter. So I’ve tried it as a bronzer (which is another item I use all the time anyway), but I find it a bit too golden for me. It does have a shimmer in it too which I don’t usually have in my bronzers. While I have not figured out the best use for me yet (maybe as an eyeshadow?), I will figure something out because it’s a beautiful colour and I love that it’s 100% natural.

One thing I have to note about this terracotta is that there is a lot of kick up when I swirl my brush in it, and I mean a lot, so I always do it above the sink.

I think this one would work great as a highlighter for people with darker skin tones.

maison jacynthe makeup terracotta 02 pomerrigio highlighter

Blush in Roméo

Long-lasting natural blush. Formulated with coffee extracts, corn, macadamia and apricot oils. Ideal to brighten and hydrate the skin. This blush has a silky texture and strong pigments that will give you a radiant complexion.

While my go-to blushes are more along the lines of their blush in 02 Juliette, I opted to go for Roméo given that Fall always calls for darker colours. This blush is pigmented, and I mean PIGMENTED! Whoa! You really don’t need a lot to get some colour on your cheeks.

I have not experienced any kick up with this blush like I do with the terracotta, but then again I only tap my brush gently in the blush (as opposed to swirling it in the terracotta). Although when I used my fingers to swatch them (photo way below), the blush did not crumble as much as the terracotta did.

maison jacynthe makeup blush 01 romeo

Lipstick in Grenat Transparent Nacré

Formulated with candelilla wax to provide a smooth application without drying out the lips. The abyssinian oil enhances the color and gives you a long-tasting effect. The natural scent of goji is delicious and sweet.

I absolutely love the packaging of the lipstick! It has a metallic case with a wooden cap and it all feels really sturdy.

maison jacynthe makeup lipstick 03 grenat transparent nacre

The colour Grenat Transparent Nacré means garnet with a pearl finish. The lipstick glides on really smooth and feels creamy and moisturizing on the lips. I find the scent from the goji quite pleasant, but it’s not strong and does not linger (in case you’re not a fan). I find this lipstick has good staying power. I drink a lot of water and I can go a few hours without having to reapply.

Let’s pretend that I don’t have lipstick on my teeth, mmmkay? 😛 The pearl finish really reflects the light.

maison jacynthe makeup lipstick 03 grenat transparent nacre

maison jacynthe makeup

In this next picture I’m wearing the terracotta as a highlighter (which you can see is kind of dark just above the blush), along with the blush (which I’m wearing oddly low, but oh well) and lipstick.

maison jacynthe makeup

I’m quite impressed with their makeup and definitely want to try more! The eyeshadows are definitely calling to me. You can see their full range of makeup on their web site.

What do you think, any products you want to try?

– Chantal 🙂

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