Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Review

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Dry skin, I’m sure many of us have suffered from it at one point or another. Especially now that the cold dry winter air is around, things tend to get worse. But have no fear because the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream ($31 CAD/$26 USD) is here! This cream has been raved about by many celebs. Let’s see what all the fuss is about, shall we?

egyptian magic all purpose skin cream

Egyptian Magic is an all-natural skin cream made from six of nature’s most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients. That’s right, only six ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis. And they’re all natural; there are no chemicals to be seen here. Me likey!

No additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals nor parabens, not tested on animals.

egyptian magic all purpose skin cream

The cream looks like it’s a hard wax-like texture, but as soon as you put your finger on it it starts melting into an oily liquid – really fast! As for the scent, I expected it to smell like honey for some reason, but it does not. It has a natural product kind of scent that I don’t mind. But of course as I want to smell it again to give you a more descriptive scent, I have a cold and I’m all stuffed up and can’t smell anything. What I can tell you is that the scent is not strong and it has never bothered me.

egyptian magic all purpose skin cream

This cream kinda has 1001 uses and you can check out the best uses on Egyptian Magic’s site. If you try #10 let me know how it goes! 😉

So far I’ve tried this as…

  • a moisturizer on the dry patches of my elbows and after just one day/night of using it I could already feel a difference; they were not as rough as before.
  • an overnight moisturizer on my face. I have combination skin so I only applied a very little amount – enough to coat my entire face and neck, but not enough to leave it feeling greasy. It worked great!
  • an overnight eye cream and, like above, it worked great!
  • a hand and cuticle cream. When used at bedtime I wake up with very soft hands.
  • a hair tamer – if I’m done styling my hair and I have a few hairs poking out I’ll reach for this to tame them instead of grabbing my styling product. I can just rub off the excess into my hands instead of rinsing them again. And I can add extra definition if I find I missed a spot.
  • a lip balm – this is by far what I use it for the most. It’s an AMAZING lip balm! When I apply it before bedtime I go over my lip line all around to moisturize the fine lines and wrinkles I have starting around there.

This is a very handy little tub of cream to have around!

Have you tried this yet? What have you used it for?

– Chantal 🙂

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