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Hi everyone!

I recently ordered some workout clothes from AliExpress because I wanted some new workout gear and didn’t want to spend a fortune. So today I’m sharing with you what I bought and whether they were worth it or not. I’ll also share my tips for buying on the site as you have to be careful.

aliexpress sports workout clothes

Here are my tips for shopping on AliExpress:

  1. Only buy items with LOTS of reviews.
  2. Only buy items with LOTS of picture reviews.
  3. Take the time to read reviews and look at the pictures – I just read the reviews that have pictures (you can filter the reviews to only see the ones with pictures).

The reason why I say to only buy items that have lots of reviews with pictures is because you can see what it actually looks like on people (if you’re buying clothes). A lot of times a shirt will look long on the model, but once you start looking at the picture reviews you can see that the shirt is not as long as it seems to be. Also, a lot of these items are reproductions so it’s not always the same material and pattern as in the advertised picture. Make sure you do your research before you decide on anything. And that’s it! Simple enough, right? 🙂

And now for the clothes. Let’s start with the sports bra which is, get ready for it, the Hot New Women New Bra For Padded Wirefree Shakeproof Push Up Seamless Fitness Top Bras For Woman Summer Style. Did you get all that? Lol! This one retails for $6.99 USD which came to $8.79 CAD at the time of purchase.

This one has 1500+ reviews, but for some odd reason right now I only see 61 reviews and 5 with pictures. There must be some glitch because I looked at lots of pictures and they all looked great, from small breasts to big breasts.

I ordered a size medium and chose design #4 which is this one (picture taken from AliExpress):

aliexpress sports bra

What I received looks just like the advertised picture.

aliexpress sports bra

I do have to talk about the padding though because, well, take a look…!

aliexpress sports bra

Bahahahaha! 😀 So I obviously cannot leave the pads in, but that’s ok. I absolutely love this bra and strongly recommend it! I’ll definitely be grabbing more designs.

Now onto the shirt which is the Hot Women See Through Tank Top 2016 Summer Fashion Sleeveless O Neck Loose Tops Plus Size Black White Casual Loose Shirt Blusa at $4.60 USD, but was on sale at time of purchase and came to $4.55 CAD.

These are the pictures on AliExpress:

aliexpress workout tank top

This one didn’t have that many reviews overall and even less with pictures so I took a bit of a gamble, but I figured at that price, why not. I liked the look of it and how it would let you breathe during a workout. I grabbed the black one in a medium since I wasn’t sure if they were made small or not.

aliexpress workout tank top

It’s a bit big so a small probably would have been better. Also it’s not quite the same as the advertised pictures. It’s very similar, but you can see at the shoulders and the back that it’s different. I’m just not feeling this one.

Last but not least are the S-XL 4 Colors Women’s Leggings For Adventure Time Bodybuilding Workout Clothing Quick Drying Elastic Leggings Women 5A at $8.50 USD. These were also on sale when I purchased them and came to $6.72 CAD.

These pants have 1300+ reviews and 160+ with pictures and they all rave about the pants. I read lots of reviews where the person indicated their height and weight to get an idea of the size I needed. Seems like the XL would be perfect, so I grabbed a pair in grey.

aliexpress sports pants

These are definitely made on the small side since the XL fit perfectly on me; I’m usually a size 8 in pants. But they’re really comfortable and the length is perfect. I highly recommend these pants if you’re looking for a new pair. I’ll most than likely order another pair in another colour.

And there you have it, a full workout ensemble from AliExpress for a total of $20.06 CAD. How awesome is that?!? Granted, I’m not a big fan of the shirt so I probably won’t wear it for now (I’ll keep it though in case I change my mind), but the bra and pants I absolutely love and highly recommend!

Did you know that AliExpress is on ebates? That’s right, you can get 3.5% cash back! Unfortunately I only discovered this after I put in my order, but you can be sure I won’t forget it in the future!

Have you bought anything from AliExpress? Any items you recommend?

– Chantal 🙂

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