Infiniti Earrings from Grace Callie Designs

If you saw my last fashion post about dresses from Belle Lily then you know that I buy things after seeing ads on Facebook. And if you didn’t know, well, now you do! 😉 This post is about another purchase I made after seeing an ad on Facebook, this time it was for a pair of Infinity Earrings from Grace Callie Designs.

This is the image I saw on Facebook. Pretty, right?

Grace Callie Designs Infinity Earrings

These are the earrings I received…

Grace Callie Designs Infinity Earrings

Not quite as clean in the details. Here’s a closer look.

Grace Callie Designs Infinity Earrings

Yeah, not quite what I was expecting.

Grace Callie Designs Infinity Earrings

My ears are shaped a bit weird cause I had cosmetic surgery done when I was a kid (they used to stick out a lot) so you kind of have to look at me from the back to see the earrings well.

Grace Callie Designs Infinity Earrings

The quality of the earrings is definitely not what I was expecting. As you’ve seen, the details are NOT clean like they are in the product picture from the site. I’ll still wear them cause they’re not horrible, but they’re still not what I was expecting.

When I bought my pair they were on sale for $9.95 USD (reg. $29.95) with free shipping. I’m glad I didn’t pay more for them. Also, my package took almost two months to arrive. I actually thought that they got lost in the mail, and then one day they showed up in my mailbox. So don’t be in a rush if you order from them.

What are you thoughts on this? Have you shopped on Grace Callie Designs before?

UPDATE: If you REALLY want these earrings buy them from AliExpress instead. They’re WAY cheaper and it’s the same earrings.

UPDATE 2: If you’re looking for Grace Callie Designs on Facebook they’re called Toes In The Water.

– Chantal 🙂

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